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No Techies are the first squad from the Upper Division of CIS Dota Pro Circuit League to relegate in the Lower Division of the next season.

Unfortunately for Alexey “Solo” Berezin and co, their DPC run in the Upper Division came to an end with an abysmal 1-6 series score. Their only victory was registered in the third week of the League, against Team Spirit. Today marked their final match and despite the negative series score ahead of their duel with Team Empire, they still had a shot at keeping their spot via tiebreaker games. The same applied for Team Empire, who are also on the verge of being relegated. 

With such stakes at hand, Empire showed up better prepared and took down No Techies 2-0 with two well rounded drafts that gave them the option of winning in both early and late game scenarios. No Techies, on the other hand, put all their hope in game one on a Ursa pick, while in the second game they tried to stop Empire’s pushing power provided by Lycan and Death Prophet, revealed in the first phase of the draft, with a Viper and Shadow Shaman support duo. However, Team Empire had the last pick of the draft and went all in with the push strategy picking a core Naga Siren, which proved all too much for No Techies to deal with.

Team Empire have also completed all their matches and although they now sit on the 7th spot in the League with 205 overall series score, their hopes are not all vanished. In order for them to enter a tiebreaker with relegation on the line, Team Spirit have to lose their final two series in the Upper Division. Team Spirit’s next battle will be held later today versus Natus Vincere and it will be pretty much the deciding series for Team Empire’s faith in Season 1 of Dota Pro Circuit Regional Leagues.

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