Natus Vincere are taking place at DreamLeague S23, Nigma Galaxy is not on the list of participants

After a long lull, Natus Vincere has returned to the upper echelon of Dota 2 with a victory in the Eastern European qualifiers of DreamLeague S23. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the recent transfers made by the team, but it’s delightful to see the “black and yellow” gradually making progress. In March 2024, Na’Vi decided to add two players to their roster: sanctity- and Yuragi. We didn’t know much about the first player, except that he previously played for Lilgun and IHC Esports.

But the second player is a former member of OG, who achieved 3rd-4th place at Riyadh Masters 2022, 4th place at PGL Arlington Major 2022, and 7th-8th place at The International 2022. He has many other impressive results to his name, so his experience is sufficient to lead his current team to new heights. At least, to the glorious days when Na’Vi was considered a Dota 2 powerhouse, especially after their success at The International. Eastern Europe is currently filled with excellent Dota 2 teams, but Na’Vi appears to be very capable in the current format and meta.

DreamLeague S23 EEU ESL qualification results for Na’Vi

Na’Vi’s journey in the qualifiers was filled with ups and downs, showcasing their resilience and determination. Their initial match against ASAKURA set the tone for their performance, securing a solid 2-0 victory. The team displayed strategic prowess, utilizing heroes like Tiny to control the battlefield and powerful damage-dealers such as Sven and Phantom Assassin to dominate their opponents. Continuing their quest, Na’Vi faced their formidable rivals, Team Spirit, in a highly anticipated match. It was a crucial opportunity for Yuragi and his teammates to bolster their confidence. In both games, Na’Vi’s strategy revolved around the formidable duo of Zeus and Shadow Demon. The combination proved to be a force to be reckoned with, leading to another convincing 2-0 victory for Na’Vi. The online community buzzed with admiration for Natus Vincere, praising their skillful gameplay and strategic decision-making. However, their path to the finals hit a stumbling block when they encountered in the upper bracket final. Na’Vi put up a valiant fight, attempting to leverage their miner pool strategy. Unfortunately, they were unable to secure a win, losing twice against Additionally, their decision to consistently pick Centaur across all three games proved to be ill-advised, further complicating their chances of victory. In the lower bracket final, Na’Vi faced a different opponent as Team Spirit unexpectedly fell to the hands of 1win. This twist of fate provided Na’Vi with a relatively easier matchup, giving them an opportunity to redeem themselves. Despite their best efforts, they faltered in the second game, succumbing to defeat in just 25 minutes.

Nevertheless, Na’Vi showed great resilience throughout the tournament, demonstrating their ability to rebound from setbacks. The Grand Final was the pinnacle of the competition, where Na’Vi clashed with once again. The intensity was palpable as both teams fought tooth and nail for the championship title. struck first, claiming victory in the opening game. However, Na’Vi showcased their unwavering spirit, mounting a comeback and winning the next two games in a display of skill and teamwork. The fourth game proved to be a grueling test for both teams, with emerging victorious after a marathon 63-minute battle. It was a testament to the perseverance and determination of both squads. However, Na’Vi refused to back down in the decisive fifth game. They made calculated decisions, relying on powerful heroes that posed a significant challenge for With a remarkable display of skill and coordination, Na’Vi emerged triumphant after a tense 53-minute showdown. Na’Vi’s journey in the qualifiers was a rollercoaster of emotions, featuring moments of triumph and disappointment. Throughout the tournament, they showcased their ability to adapt, strategize, and execute their game plans effectively. Despite facing formidable opponents and encountering obstacles along the way, Na’Vi’s tenacity and skill propelled them to the pinnacle of success, leaving a lasting impression on fans and competitors alike.

Nigma Galaxy will miss the next DreamLeague

The MENA qualifiers for DreamLeague Season 23 featured only two notable teams. Falcons, thanks to their impressive performances at BetBoom Dacha Dubai and DreamLeague Season 22 where they emerged as champions, received a direct invitation to the tournament. This presented Nigma Galaxy with a great opportunity to secure a spot in the million-dollar prize pool tournament scheduled for May. However, to everyone’s surprise, they were unable to achieve that despite having players like Miracle- and SumaiL on their roster. Here is the story of their failure once again. Nigma started the tournament with a match against Fun Gamers and lost the first game, despite playing against a relatively unknown opponent from Iran. This clearly indicated serious issues in their gameplay. The second and third rounds were much more successful for Nigma, with each game ending in just 18 minutes. PSG Quest met Nigma in the upper bracket final after defeating COPPYBEBRA. The match between these two favorites resulted in a clear victory for Quest, who won the first game in 41 minutes and the second game in 32 minutes.

In the first game, Quest’s strategy revolved around stalling the game to allow their Naga Siren to farm as many items as possible. The heroes responsible for ensuring the success of this tactic were Tiny and Techies. In the second game, Quest obtained excellent initiations against Nigma’s core heroes. Kunkka, Morphling, and Void Spirit executed their strategies with minimal risks. Following this defeat, Nigma dropped to the lower bracket, where they once again faced COPPYBEBRA. The match was merely a formality, with the first game lasting 17 minutes and the second game concluding in less than 20 minutes. In the Grand Final, Nigma’s leader needed to showcase their ability to adapt to the opponent’s strategies. While Kuro had learned a lot from their first match, the opponent managed to surprise the Dota 2 legend. Nigma couldn’t accomplish their task and ended up losing, but only on the fifth deciding map. Both teams engaged in a fierce battle, taking turns winning their games. Quest claimed victory in the first game, followed by Nigma winning the second game. Quest repeated their success in the third game, and Nigma equalized the score for the second time. In the final game, Nigma attempted to bluff by selecting Terrorblade for an unconventional role that Matthew was supposed to play. This strategy seemed effective for a while, with Nigma gaining an almost 4000-gold advantage by the 30-minute mark. However, things rapidly turned against Nigma from that point onwards. They lost the game in the next 15 minutes, along with their coveted slot in the tournament.

Which team was invited directly to the tournament due to its impressive results in previous competitions?
Nigma Galaxy
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