Worlds 2024: Race start dates available for all regions

League of Legends Worlds is one of the biggest eSports events in the world, attracting millions of viewers and fans every year. In 2023, the event was held in Seoul (South Korea) and the final took place at the Sky House. But when can we expect it this year? Let’s try to bring at least some clarity to this issue.

Worlds 2024 Race Start Dates

The recent event was an incredible success, captivating players and spectators alike with thrilling matches and an electrifying atmosphere. It’s no wonder that the Worlds continues to attract enormous crowds of devoted fans and generate significant excitement within the gaming community.

The highly anticipated League of Legends 2024 World Championship is set to kick off on January 13th, starting with the EMEA region (LEC). The schedule for the first week has already been announced, featuring exciting matchups such as the clash between the newcomers, Karmine Corp, and formidable teams like Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Mad Lions. On January 16th, the Latin America region (LLA) will join the fray, followed by captivating matches in South Korea (LCK) showcasing the reigning champions from 2023, the Korean powerhouse T1, as they make their debut against GenG, the finalists of the 2023 summer split.

January 19th will bring forth the Asia-Pacific region (PCS), which this year includes the inclusion of the Japanese league LJL playoffs, adding an extra layer of anticipation. Finally, on January 20th, the North American league (LCS) will embark on its journey, overcoming recent challenges with participant numbers and delivering an elevated level of excitement.

This spring split, they are returning to weekend games after an unsuccessful experiment during the summer. On the same day, tournaments will also commence in Vietnam and Brazil, while the Chinese league (LPL) will be the last to start on January 22nd. The slight delay is due to the teams’ involvement in the Demacia Cup, the prestigious national cup of China, which concludes on January 6th.

Here is a brief schedule of starts in the regions:

RegionChampionshipStart Date
EmeaLEC13th January
Latin AmericaLLA16th January
KoreaLCK16th January
Asia-PacificPCS19th January
North AmericaLCS20th January
VietnamVCS20th January
BrazilCBLOL20th January
ChinaLPL22nd January

The League of Legends 2024 World Championship promises thrilling matches right from the start, as the season kicks off with the LEC on January 13th. Fans are already counting down the days to witness their favorite teams battle it out for success in their respective regional championships.

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