The 2024 League of Legends Spring Split begins

Best LCK Supports

We decided to compile a small rating, where we placed perhaps the best LCK supports, who will face a tense fight as part of the 2024 spring split. Traditionally, this role here is considered very difficult and rewarding, and the season itself promises an incredible level of competition.

LCK Support Player Rating


It was hard to include BeryL on this list considering his terrible season with DRX all of last year. However, the player is still a double world champion. Yes, past merits and achievements are not particularly important, but within the framework of KT Rolster he is quite capable of discovering that “second wind” in himself.

This will also be helped by his reunion with Pyosik and Deft, the same 2022 DRX lineup, which will likely allow him to quickly find the synergy and connection within the team that he needs to shine. Let’s trust that he won’t waste such a short and valuable time as a professional e-sportsman on nonsense, and focus on his individual form.


Kellyn had his ups and downs in 2023 as he had to share playing time with the team’s second support, DK Bible. There was a period when it was really difficult for him, but there is a clear feeling that this player really plays in his place and has enough prospects. If the meta becomes even more focused on support players, he could become the best in his role.

However, if he doesn’t improve his game, he won’t be able to compete with the top three LCK opponents.


Lehends is returning to Gen.G after a year in Hanwha Life and fans are excited about the move. He was considered by many to be the most creative assistant in the league and the only one who could truly match Keria at her peak.

He will play next to Paze, so there is no doubt about the high efficiency of this line of bots. Questions may arise in the interaction between Legends and the jungle mid duo: their teamwork will likely be decisive for the player’s ranking among the best. However, the same goes for Gen.G themselves, because it is still difficult to predict how they will end up at the end of the split.


Delight was a big surprise on Gen.G’s roster last season. Regarded as one of the most consistent and reliable players, he exceeded all expectations that year, truly looking like the best support in the LCK, albeit only during certain periods of the season.

Despite leaving Gen.G, he will still continue to play with Doran and Peanut, and his bot line will be quite familiar to him Viper. If he remains at the same individual level as in 2023, Delight could easily compete for the title of the best support in the region.


It’s not surprising to see Keria at the top of the LCK support rankings. Not only because he has been the best from an individual point of view in the last few years, but also for his contribution to the T1 team’s results. In addition to her incredible skill, Keria can use unconventional picks that can change the entire metagame. He is not afraid of innovation and will always be confident that he will find an advantage over his opponent.

In fact, there are quite a few changes going on in the Summoner’s Rift field right now ahead of the season that fans can’t wait to see who will be on top this year. Well, the player himself faces perhaps the heaviest burden – defending his world champion title.

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