Valorant’s new Vanguard anti-cheat will appear in LoL

Riot Games has announced plans for the 2024 season of League of Legends. One of the key innovations will be the introduction of Vanguard’s own anti-cheat, which is actively used in Valorant.

The program “will help reduce the number of bots and scammers.” If a cheater is detected, the match will end and league points will be returned to the players. The system is expected to be added in late February or early March.

New anti-cheat Vanguard

The news caused mixed reactions from the community. Some players are concerned that Vanguard runs at the kernel level of the operating system and must be enabled on the computer at all times. This could potentially lead to security issues, as Riot Games has already been the target of hacker attacks.

Vanguard is one of the best anti-cheats in competitive gaming. It runs in the background and constantly checks programs on your computer. Thanks to him, the number of cheaters in Valorant remains low.

Start of the 14th ranked season in LoL

Riot Games has released a cinematic trailer to celebrate the start of the new ranked season in League of Legends. The video appeared on the MOBA YouTube channel.

The video features the song Still Here by Forts, Tiffany Aris and 2WEI, which is already available on all streaming services. The trailer showed the battles of Morgana, Kayle, Aatrox, Yasuo, Kindred, Ashe and Tryndamere. An hour after its release, the clip collected over a million views on YouTube.

The video is a captivating showcase featuring the powerful and enchanting song “Still Here” by Forts, Tiffany Aris, and 2WEI. This incredible musical collaboration can now be enjoyed by fans worldwide on all their favorite streaming platforms.

In the trailer, viewers were treated to thrilling scenes of intense battles featuring some of the most beloved League of Legends champions. From the graceful and mysterious Morgana to the fierce and relentless Aatrox, the trailer brought these iconic characters to life. Yasuo, Kindred, Ashe, and Tryndamere also made their appearances, adding to the excitement and anticipation among fans.

The impact of the video was immediate, as within just one hour of its release, it quickly caught fire and amassed an impressive one million views on YouTube. This remarkable feat speaks volumes about the immense popularity and dedicated following that the League of Legends community boasts.

The combination of the captivating visuals, the emotionally charged music, and the presence of beloved champions created a truly immersive experience for fans. It’s a testament to the creativity and passion that goes into producing content that resonates with the gaming community. With its widespread appeal, this video is undoubtedly a remarkable addition to the League of Legends universe and a source of great excitement for fans everywhere.

In 2023, Riot Games did not release a traditional video with a theme song, which is why it faced harsh criticism from players. The studio even had to apologize to fans to calm their anger on social networks.

The 14th ranked season started worldwide on January 10th. In 2024, there will be three rating splits instead of two. For each of them, players will receive a themed skin and other rewards if they achieve a Gold+ rating or play enough matches.

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