What is the top-rated firearm in Valorant? We provide reasons for why it should be your preferred option

Valorant prides itself on its diverse array of weapons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. From pistols to snipers, shotguns to rifles, there are plenty of options to choose from as you strive to climb the leaderboard. The best gun in Valorant should offer versatility, considering the pros and cons of each weapon depending on the situation.

In tight economic situations, players often opt for the Marshall and Sheriff pistols. The Judge shotgun is also a popular choice for close combat, proving to be a threat for both professional and casual players. However, when examining the statistics and considering the game’s ever-changing meta, a clear favorite emerges. After three years of gameplay and numerous shifts in strategy, it’s time to crown the ultimate weapon in Valorant. With shotguns, rifles, snipers, and the new Outlaw sniper rifle in the mix, we analyzed the data and economy to determine which weapon offers the best value for your hard-earned Valorant credits.

What is the best gun in Valorant?

To truly determine the best gun in Valorant, we need to delve deeper into the top contenders and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s begin with the Classic pistol, which has garnered widespread usage in tournaments. Despite being a free weapon, it holds its ground as one of the best choices for agents who need to allocate their credits strategically. For instance, Sage players often opt for the Classic as it allows them to invest in expensive utility like the Barrier Orb. The Classic’s close-range effectiveness is bolstered by its triple-burst mode, which can wreak havoc on opponents. When it comes to sniper rifles, both the Marshal and Operator have found their place in the game. However, the Operator takes the spotlight in terms of popularity and usage, albeit with a hefty price tag of 4,700 credits. Its ability to deliver a one-hit knockout, even without a headshot, against fully armored opponents sets it apart from other weapons. This long-range powerhouse not only provides a significant advantage in securing kills but also aids teams in defensive scenarios. The Marshal, on the other hand, offers a more budget-friendly option for players seeking a sniper rifle.

Shifting our focus to shotguns, the Judge emerges as Valorant’s most formidable and vexing weapon in this category. Priced at 1,850 credits, it boasts the ability to eliminate opponents with a single shot at close range, irrespective of whether it hits the head or body. This automatic shotgun proves particularly lethal in the hands of duelists like Raze and Jett, who can leverage their mobility abilities to swiftly engage in close-quarters combat. The Judge becomes a go-to choice when economic constraints demand a reliable weapon for close-angle encounters. Finally, in the rifle category, two contenders reign supreme: the Vandal and Phantom. These rifles dominate the pick rate charts, collectively accounting for more than 50% of the weapons chosen at international Valorant LANs in 2023. Both weapons offer their unique advantages and are favored by different players and playstyles. The Vandal’s high damage output and accuracy make it a preferred choice for those who prioritize precision and tapping shots. On the other hand, the Phantom’s slightly lower damage is compensated by its faster rate of fire and better performance in spray situations. Now, armed with a comprehensive understanding of the top contenders, we can proceed to determine the ultimate best gun in Valorant. By considering factors such as usage in tournaments, versatility, and overall impact on gameplay, we can crown the champion that stands above the rest.

The number one contender is still the Vandal

When it comes to the Vandal rifle in Valorant, its popularity and reputation among players are well-deserved. There are several factors that contribute to its widespread usage and preference, making it the go-to weapon for many professionals and enthusiasts alike. First and foremost, the Vandal’s standout feature is its consistent damage output, regardless of the distance. Unlike some other rifles, the Vandal does not suffer from damage fall-off, meaning it deals the same high damage whether you’re engaging enemies up close or taking long-range shots. This versatility gives players a sense of reliability, as they can confidently rely on the Vandal to deliver impactful shots in various scenarios. Additionally, the Vandal boasts excellent accuracy and precision, making it a formidable weapon in the hands of skilled marksmen. Its first-shot accuracy is particularly noteworthy, allowing players to land precise headshots with ease. This aspect is crucial in Valorant, where headshots have a significant impact on securing quick eliminations and gaining an advantage in engagements. Furthermore, the Vandal’s recoil pattern is relatively manageable compared to some other rifles, especially when firing in controlled bursts. Skilled players can learn to control the recoil effectively, allowing them to maintain accuracy and land consecutive shots on target. This aspect further enhances the Vandal’s reliability and makes it a viable choice for players who prioritize controlled bursts over spraying. Another aspect that contributes to the Vandal’s appeal is its visual and auditory feedback.

The weapon’s design and sound effects give it a satisfying and impactful feel when firing. This feedback can greatly enhance the overall gameplay experience, providing players with a sense of power and immersion as they wield the Vandal on the battlefield. In terms of economy, the Vandal is priced at 2900 credits, placing it on the higher end of the rifle spectrum. While it requires a significant investment, the potential rewards it offers in terms of damage output and versatility make it a worthwhile purchase when players have the financial means to do so. It is often favored during buy rounds, where teams have enough resources to fully equip themselves and prioritize securing a high-impact weapon. Overall, the Vandal’s consistent damage, accuracy, controllable recoil, satisfying feedback, and strategic value in the game’s economy make it the weapon of choice for many players. Its popularity among professionals and its dominant presence in competitive tournaments further solidify its reputation as one of the best rifles in Valorant.

Why is the Vandal the best gun in Valorant?

In addition to its superior damage and versatility, the Vandal rifle offers several other advantages that contribute to its status as the premier weapon in Valorant. One such advantage is its ability to penetrate through walls and surfaces. With precise aim, players can eliminate enemies who think they are safe behind cover, adding an element of surprise and strategic gameplay. Furthermore, the Vandal’s reload time is relatively quick compared to other rifles, allowing players to get back into the action swiftly. This can be particularly advantageous in fast-paced rounds or clutch situations where every second counts. The Vandal’s iron sights also provide excellent visibility and clarity, allowing for better target acquisition and tracking. This, coupled with its minimal recoil when firing controlled bursts, makes it a favorite among players who prefer a more precise and measured shooting style. Additionally, the Vandal’s aesthetic design is sleek and appealing, making it a visually pleasing choice for many players. The various skin options available for the Vandal allow players to personalize their weapon and showcase their individual style.

In terms of gameplay strategy, the Vandal’s dominance has influenced the meta and playstyles of both professional players and regular matchmaking enthusiasts. Countless guides, tutorials, and discussions revolve around optimizing Vandal usage, including recoil control techniques, positioning, and peeking strategies. It’s worth noting that while the Vandal is widely regarded as the best gun in Valorant, individual playstyles and preferences can still come into play. Some players may find the Phantom’s spray control and additional bullets more suitable for their aggressive playstyle or close-quarters engagements. However, the Vandal’s overall performance and impact on the game make it the weapon of choice for those seeking maximum precision and damage output. As Valorant continues to evolve, with new agents, maps, and weapon balances introduced regularly, the competition for the top spot may intensify. But for now, the Vandal remains firmly positioned as the pinnacle of firepower in the game, embodying the essence of precision, reliability, and dominance on the virtual battlefield.

Does the new Outlaw sniper change things?

Despite the introduction of new weapons and potential shifts in the meta, the Vandal rifle remains an unrivaled force in Valorant. Its dominance stems from a combination of factors that make it a top-tier choice for players across all skill levels. One of the key advantages of the Vandal is its exceptional damage output. With a headshot guaranteeing a kill regardless of range, the Vandal instills fear in opponents and rewards players with precise aim. This characteristic alone sets it apart from other rifles and solidifies its position as a go-to weapon for securing eliminations. Moreover, the Vandal’s versatility is unparalleled. It excels in close-quarters combat, mid-range engagements, and even long-range duels. This flexibility allows players to adapt to various situations and playstyles, making the Vandal a reliable choice in any scenario. Whether you’re holding down bombsites, aggressively pushing for map control, or engaging in intense duels, the Vandal’s consistent performance across different ranges ensures you’re always well-equipped. Furthermore, the Vandal’s controllable recoil pattern and manageable spray make it a favorite among seasoned players. With practice and skill, it’s possible to master the Vandal’s recoil and achieve consistently accurate bursts or controlled sprays. This aspect gives skilled players an edge, allowing them to unleash devastating bursts of fire with deadly precision.

Economically speaking, the Vandal’s price of 2900 credits places it among the higher-priced rifles in the game. However, its impact on rounds and potential for securing kills make it a worthwhile investment when players have sufficient funds. Additionally, its performance can often justify the higher cost, as it provides a significant advantage over opponents wielding less potent weaponry. The Vandal’s aesthetic appeal is another factor that contributes to its popularity. Valorant offers a wide array of visually stunning skins for the Vandal, allowing players to personalize their weapon and showcase their individual style. Whether it’s the sleek Prime skin, the menacing Elderflame variant, or the futuristic Ion collection, there’s a skin to suit every player’s taste. The Vandal rifle’s exceptional damage, versatility, controllable recoil, and aesthetic customization options make it the weapon of choice for many Valorant players. Its dominance in the meta and its ability to consistently deliver impactful kills have solidified its position as one of the most reliable and formidable firearms in the game. As the Valorant universe continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see if any contenders arise to challenge the Vandal’s reign, but for now, it remains the epitome of firepower in Valorant.

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