VCT Masters Madrid: FPX and Team Heretics eliminated, Sentinels and Gen.G in the playoffs

The second stage of the VCT Masters Madrid Swiss Stage has come to an exhilarating conclusion, leaving Valorant fans around the world buzzing with excitement. Over the course of the past two days, the tournament has been a battleground for the finest teams in the game, showcasing their skills, strategies, and determination. Each match was a spectacle of high-level gameplay, as teams engaged in intense firefights, tactical maneuvers, and clutch plays. The atmosphere in the arena was electric, with the crowd erupting in cheers and applause for every well-executed play. The level of competition was unprecedented, with teams leaving no stone unturned in their quest for victory.

Sadly, as is the nature of any tournament, two teams had to face elimination. Their journey may have ended here, but they fought valiantly and earned the respect of their opponents and fans alike. The remaining two teams, however, emerged triumphant from the crucible of competition and secured their rightful places in the coveted top four. As the VCT Masters Madrid progresses to its next stage, anticipation mounts for the upcoming matches. The stakes are higher than ever, and the remaining teams know that they must bring their A-game to stand a chance at claiming the ultimate glory. Valorant enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the unfolding of the continuing battles and the emergence of new heroes on this grand stage. In the heart of Madrid, the spirit of competition burns bright, and the tournament continues to captivate audiences with its display of skill, teamwork, and sheer determination. Brace yourselves for more thrilling action as the journey towards crowning the VCT Masters Madrid champion unfolds before our eyes.

Pool 1-0

On May 16th, four teams competed in the winner’s matches, with two of them being eliminated from the Swiss stage, while the losing teams were sent to the 1-1 group.

Sentinels 2-0 Carmine Corp

The day kicked off with an intense showdown between two powerhouse teams representing their respective regions: America and EMEA. The anticipation was palpable as both squads had showcased their prowess in previous matches, setting the stage for a thrilling encounter. In the end, only one team emerged victorious with a resounding 2-0 scoreline in the group stage. The first battleground was the map “Split,” a choice made by Sentinels, the North American representatives. Right from the start, they displayed their dominance, securing a commanding 5-1 lead on the attacking side. The star players, zekken and TenZ, shone brightly, delivering exceptional performances as expected. However, Karmine Corp’s sh1n retaliated, leading the charge for the EMEA team and helping them equalize the score at 6-6. To the dismay of European fans, Karmine Corp struggled to find their footing on the attacking side. Despite winning the pistol round and an anti-eco, their momentum faltered, and they conceded seven consecutive rounds, ultimately succumbing to a disappointing 8-13 defeat on the map.

Moving on to the second battleground, “Haven,” Sentinels once again asserted their dominance, establishing an early 5-1 lead. However, the determined players of Karmine Corp regrouped and found their rhythm, mounting a comeback. By the end of the first half, they managed to narrow the gap, trailing Sentinels with a score of 7-5. The second half witnessed a fierce back-and-forth exchange of rounds between the two teams. Both sides displayed remarkable resilience and adaptability, refusing to yield. However, with Sentinels holding a two-round advantage from the first half, they displayed their composure and secured a nail-biting 13-11 victory on the map. This hard-fought win proved to be decisive, as it sealed their overall 2-0 triumph in the series. With this impressive result, TenZ and his teammates secured their place in the playoffs and guaranteed themselves a spot among the top four teams. The elation and satisfaction were evident as they celebrated their well-deserved achievement. As the tournament progresses, the stage is set for even more intense battles and remarkable displays of skill and strategy. Fans eagerly await the next chapter in this thrilling Valorant competition, where the quest for glory continues for these phenomenal teams.

Gen.G Esports 2-1 EDward Gaming

On the other side of the bracket, two formidable teams from Asia, Gen.G and EDG, clashed in a thrilling series that unfolded across three intense maps. The stakes were high as both teams battled fiercely, leaving no room for complacency. The series commenced with Gen.G’s confident pick of Icebox, their favored battleground. However, it was EDG who swiftly took control, led by the dynamic duo of KangKang and nobody wreaking havoc on the attacking side. Their coordinated efforts propelled the Chinese squad to establish a commanding 8-4 lead. Undeterred, Gen.G rallied after securing a pivotal victory in the second pistol round, followed by a successful anti-eco round. This resurgence injected a renewed sense of competitiveness into the match, resulting in a closely contested game. The two teams traded blows round after round, each showcasing their strategic prowess and exceptional individual skills. However, Gen.G struggled to overcome the four-round deficit they faced in the first half, ultimately succumbing to EDG with a score of 13-8 on the first map. Notably, KangKang’s outstanding performance on Jett, amassing an impressive 25 kills, 15 assists, and 5 deaths, played a crucial role in EDG’s triumph. Determined to turn the tide, Gen.G refused to go down without a fight and awakened their true potential on the second map, Split. The initial half proved to be a fiercely contested battleground, with Gen.G managing to secure a slight advantage of 7-5 as they transitioned from the attacking side to the defensive.

Despite being EDG’s chosen map, the Chinese team struggled to find their footing in the second half. It was Meteor’s remarkable display on Jett that turned the tide, as he unleashed an onslaught of skillful plays, single-handedly defending against the opposition and dismantling their ranks. With a dominant performance of 13-5, Gen.G emerged victorious, showcasing their resilience and adaptability. As the series reached its climax, the decisive map, Breeze, would determine the fate of both teams. Gen.G entered the fray with an unwavering determination, launching a relentless assault in the first half. Their attacking side proved to be an overwhelming force, as they surged to an impressive 11-1 lead. KangKang of EDG valiantly fought back, spearheading a valiant comeback by securing five consecutive rounds for his team. However, despite his heroic efforts, the gap proved insurmountable, and Gen.G ultimately sealed their triumph with a resounding 13-6 victory on the final map. With their exceptional teamwork, individual brilliance, and unyielding spirit, Gen.G emerged triumphant over EDG, securing their well-deserved spot in the next stage of the tournament. The series served as a testament to the fierce competition and showcased the caliber of talent on display in the Asian region. As the tournament progresses, fans eagerly anticipate further exhilarating clashes and remarkable displays of skill from these exceptional teams.

Pool 0-1 (relegation)

Regrettably, we had to bid farewell to two teams in the 0-1 pool. The teams unable to overcome this challenge were FunPlus Phoenix and Team Heretics.

FunPlus Phoenix 0-2 LOUD

In the highly anticipated first elimination match of VCT Masters Madrid, the clash between the second-seeded team from the Americas region and the second-seeded team from the Chinese region was set to ignite the stage with intense competition and high stakes. The series commenced with LOUD, representing the Americas, selecting Sunset as their map of choice. From the very start, it became evident that LOUD had come prepared and determined to make a statement. They dominated the battlefield, executing their strategies flawlessly and securing a commanding victory with a score of 13-5. Leading the charge was saadhak, whose exceptional performance on Sova earned him the title of the most impactful player of the match. With an impressive KDA of 18/7/7 and a rating of 1.66, saadhak showcased his prowess and played a pivotal role in LOUD’s triumph. Undeterred by their initial defeat, FunPlus Phoenix, the Chinese representatives, refused to accept an early exit from the tournament without putting up a fierce fight. On their chosen map, Breeze, they sought to rally their forces and turn the tides of the series. Autumn, displaying remarkable skill and determination on Yoru, showcased glimpses of brilliance as he attempted to carry his team to victory.

However, despite Autumn’s valiant efforts, the Chinese squad fell short in their quest for a comeback. The formidable FunPlus Phoenix lineup demonstrated their resilience and skill, but ultimately succumbed to LOUD on Breeze with a score of 11-13. The narrow margin of defeat spelled an early departure for FunPlus Phoenix from the tournament. Throughout the series, Less, the shining star of FunPlus Phoenix, consistently showcased his exceptional abilities. Once again, he led his team through the second map, delivering an outstanding performance on Cypher. With a personal record of 24 kills, 13 deaths, and 7 assists, Less exhibited his individual prowess and demonstrated why he is a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, despite their individual talents and efforts, FunPlus Phoenix became the first team to be eliminated from the tournament. Their journey in Madrid came to an end without securing a single map victory, leaving them with a sense of disappointment and a desire to regroup and learn from their experiences as they strive for future success. As VCT Masters Madrid continued to unfold, the stage was set for further thrilling matches and captivating displays of skill from the remaining teams, who sought to etch their names in Valorant history.

Team Heretics 1-2 Paper Rex

Paper Rex, once hailed as one of the top three teams in the world, has faced challenges since undergoing roster changes due to Jinggg’s mandatory military service. However, their journey in Spain continues as they push forward in the tournament, aiming to reclaim their former glory. The opening map, Sunset, kicked off with a closely contested first half, as both teams fought tooth and nail to gain the upper hand. The score stood at an even 6-6, showcasing the intense competition between Paper Rex and their opponents. However, it was on this map that something, Paper Rex’s standout player, found his rhythm once again. Displaying his exceptional skills and returning to his expected form, something led his team to a hard-fought victory, clinching the map with a score of 13-10. As the series progressed to the second map, Lotus, chosen by Team Heretics, Paper Rex faced an uphill battle. Struggling to find their footing on the attacking side, they managed to secure only five rounds, falling short of their expectations. This was a critical moment for Paper Rex, as they needed to regroup, analyze their opponents’ strategies, and come up with a plan to turn the tide in their favor. Team Heretics, sensing an opportunity, capitalized on their defensive prowess. They showcased their tactical prowess and executed their strategies flawlessly, gaining an early advantage. With a strong performance on the defensive side, they won crucial rounds, putting Paper Rex on the back foot. Despite Paper Rex’s valiant efforts to mount a comeback, Team Heretics proved to be a formidable opponent, securing the map with a score of 13-10.

With the series tied at 1-1, the stage was set for the decisive third map, Split. Team Heretics started the map with a dominant defensive display, establishing a commanding lead of 6-2. It seemed as though Paper Rex’s hopes were fading, but they refused to go down without a fight. Rallying together, they unleashed a relentless assault, led by their Jett player who showcased incredible precision and agility. With four consecutive round victories, Paper Rex managed to level the score, breathing new life into their campaign. The tides had turned, and it was now Paper Rex’s turn to defend their territory. Their Raze player, f0rsaken, emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Dominating the battlefield, f0rsaken displayed exceptional skill, securing kills left and right while providing crucial support to his team. Team Heretics found themselves overwhelmed by Paper Rex’s defensive prowess, managing to secure only a single round on the attacking side. With a scoreline of 6-6 in the first half, the momentum shifted decisively in favor of Paper Rex. Buoyed by their strong defensive performance, they unleashed a relentless onslaught in the second half. Their coordinated teamwork, combined with individual brilliance, proved too much for Team Heretics to handle. With a resounding 13-7 victory on Split, Paper Rex emerged triumphant, eliminating Team Heretics from the tournament and advancing to the next stage of the competition. As Paper Rex celebrated their hard-fought victory, they knew that tougher challenges awaited them in the tournament. However, their determination and resilience had been reaffirmed, and they were ready to face whatever came their way. The road to redemption had just begun, and Paper Rex was poised to reclaim their status among the elite teams in the world of competitive Valorant.

With just one round left before the Swiss stage, we have an exciting lineup of matches ahead of us. The upcoming matchups are as follows:

  • LOUD vs. EDward Gaming
  • Karmine Corp vs. Paper Rex

The victors will advance to the top four, while the defeated teams will be sent home alongside FunPlus Phoenix and Team Heretics.

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