Price, Release Date, and Additional Information on the Valorant “Fortune’s Hand” Skin Bundle

Riot Games has recently made a captivating announcement, revealing the exciting arrival of the “Fortunes Hand” skin bundle in Valorant. This bundle introduces players to a remarkable scepter melee weapon, exuding elegance and power, while also offering a mesmerizing set of player cards that will surely leave gamers in awe.

Adding to the anticipation, Valorant Agent 25, known as Clove, is scheduled to be unveiled at the conclusion of the highly anticipated Masters Madrid event. As is tradition, a premium skin bundle is expected to accompany the introduction of this new agent. However, Riot Games has gone the extra mile by releasing a sizzling hot collection of skins to keep players engaged and enthralled while awaiting the grand reveal of Clove. With their commitment to delivering innovative and visually stunning content, Riot Games continues to impress and captivate the Valorant community. The “Fortunes Hand” bundle and the impending arrival of Agent 25 have sparked a wave of excitement, ensuring that players will have plenty to look forward to in the dynamic world of Valorant.

Valorant Fortunes Hand bundle includes

  • Fortune’s Scepter (melee)
  • Fortune’s Phantom
  • Fortune’s Guardian
  • Fortune’s Odin
  • Fortune’s Ghost
  • 5x player cards

Riot has recently unveiled the highly anticipated Valorant Fortunes Hand bundle, a collection of exquisite skins that has garnered significant attention within the gaming community. The bundle showcases a stunning array of golden guns and a meticulously crafted melee weapon, exuding a sense of luxury and elegance. While the exterior design of the skins may appear deceptively simple, it is the inherent regal quality that sets them apart. The combination of the opulent gold accents and the sleek black finish creates a striking visual contrast, ensuring that each weapon stands out on the battlefield.

To further emphasize their artistic vision, Riot has incorporated a distinctive gold Roman numeral stamp on each weapon, serving as a symbol of the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. However, it is the inclusion of the player cards in the Fortunes Hand bundle that has truly captured the imagination of Valorant players. The majestic banners feature some of the game’s beloved agents, including Cypher, Reyna, Killjoy, Sage, and Fade. These cards depict the agents in fierce and commanding poses against the mesmerizing gold and black backdrop, evoking a sense of power and determination. The Fortunes Hand bundle represents Riot’s commitment to delivering high-quality and visually captivating content to its dedicated player base. With its combination of elegant weapon skins and striking player cards, the bundle has become a topic of discussion and admiration among Valorant enthusiasts. Players eagerly await the opportunity to acquire these coveted items, as they not only enhance their in-game experience but also serve as a testament to their status and style on the battlefield.

Valorant Fortunes Hand bundle release date and price

The Valorant Fortunes Hand bundle has generated significant buzz among Valorant enthusiasts, and players eagerly anticipate its release in the main Valorant store on March 22nd. Priced at 3875 Valorant Points, this comprehensive bundle offers players the opportunity to acquire all five stunning skins and accompanying player cards. For those who prefer a more economical approach, individual gun skins can be purchased separately at a cost of 875 VP, while the melee weapon can be obtained for 1,750 VP. Player cards, featuring captivating artwork, are available for a modest price of 375 VP. Although the Fortunes Hand bundle falls into the select-level category, it compensates for the absence of special effects, VFX, or variants with its timeless elegance and regal aesthetic. It’s important to note that the Fortunes Hand bundle does not include any audio effects or kill finishers, focusing primarily on the visual aspect of the skins. While some players may prefer the inclusion of additional features, others appreciate the simplicity and clean design of the bundle. For those eager to add the Fortunes Hand skins to their collection, the window of opportunity is limited. The bundle will only be available for purchase in Valorant until March 26th or 27th, depending on the region.

It is advisable for players to act swiftly to ensure they don’t miss out on this captivating collection. Following the conclusion of the availability period for the Fortunes Hand bundle, Valorant players can look forward to an exciting update. A new patch will be released, bringing with it a host of fresh content, including a battle pass, new skins, and additional cosmetics. This continuous stream of updates and additions showcases Riot’s dedication to providing a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience for Valorant’s growing community. The introduction of new skins and cosmetics not only enhances the visual appeal of the game but also allows players to express their personal style and individuality. As players eagerly await the release of the Fortunes Hand bundle, discussions and speculations abound, with the community eagerly sharing their thoughts and anticipation for the upcoming content. Valorant’s ever-expanding universe and commitment to delivering exciting updates and engaging gameplay experiences have solidified its position as a leading competitive shooter. With its meticulous attention to detail and dedication to player satisfaction, Riot Games continues to captivate and inspire players around the world.

In conclusion, the Valorant Fortunes Hand bundle represents a highly anticipated addition to the game, offering players the chance to acquire a visually stunning collection of skins and player cards. With its limited availability, players are encouraged to seize the opportunity to enhance their Valorant experience with this exclusive bundle. As the release date approaches, the excitement builds, and players eagerly await the chance to showcase their style and prowess on the battlefield with these exquisite skins.

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