VCT 2024 teams will still receive their capsules

In 2023, rumors were already circulating about capsules specifically created for participating teams in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT). Leo Faria, the head of Valorant Esports, added fuel to the fire of these rumors and actually leaked some information about certain details of this upcoming update.

During a three-hour podcast (Plat Chat Valorant), where the conversation with Leo Faria took place, the participants discussed the future 2024 VCT Tier List. In the same video, Faria shared information about team capsules that are expected to be released in a few weeks.

Basic moments

All VCT teams are closely collaborating with Riot Games to release their team capsules by the start of the 2024 season. Team capsules will serve as an additional source of income for participating VCT teams and significantly contribute to their financial support and stability.

Last year, Riot did something similar with the Champions VCT 2023 bundle, which generated over $20 million in revenue and was shared among the participants of the main Valorant tournament.

For 2024, Riot Games intends to support each team by creating an individual capsule for each one. Fans will be able to financially support their favorite Valorant teams directly and will have in-game team cosmetics.

Another important note about team packs or capsules is that they will include the following:

  • Classic Base Skin
  • Player(s) card
  • Keychains
  • Sprays

These bundles will also be available in the Valorant store throughout the year. Teams that emerge victorious in Masters or Champions tournaments will have their bundles featured on the store’s main page.

Placing their capsules on the store’s homepage periodically will serve as a bonus or secondary reward, as winning such events is likely to attract more fans to the team, players, and organization.

Participation of Organizations

The organizations and players themselves are currently developing their own player cards. Faria mentioned that Riot wanted these cards to be well-crafted and represent the teams and brands effectively. According to him, some teams have already created concepts for their cards, ranging from whimsical and outrageous designs to more serious and historically influenced ones, reflecting the story of their team.

The head of Valorant was also thrilled about the inclusion of a classic skin for each team. Unlike the Vandal or Phantom, which have a wide range of skins, the Classic remains subtle and is a perfect fit for an experimental project like individual capsules. Every player starts their journey in Valorant with the classic skin, so players will always be able to show their support for their favorite teams at the beginning of each round.

Faria also confirmed that if the team capsule project proves to be successful and profitable, Riot will consider expanding and adding more weapons and skins in the future.

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