Evil Geniuses have announced their new VALORANT roster

Geniuses have finally formed their new VALORANT roster for 2024, and this comes after a major storm both within the organization and in the recent tournaments. It can be said for certain that the organization’s path to this final decision was extremely challenging. Many even speculate that without Riot, such an announcement would not have happened.

The team that finished in first place last year is the last organization to confirm their VALORANT roster for 2024, but EG managed to find the resources to announce their player lineup for the new VCT season.

Evil Geniuses will return to the main VALORANT roster

Evil Geniuses have confirmed that both Alexander “jawgemo” Moore and coach Christine “potter” Chi will return to the main VALORANT roster, as the rest of the championship-winning lineup from last year has already found new teams.

In addition to jawgemo, the updated roster includes the players that were previously reported to be joining EG:

  • Derek Ha
  • Nicholas “NaturE” Harrison
  • Fat “supamen” Le
  • Vincent “Apotheon” Le

Apart from jawgemo, only Derek competed on the VCT stage last year. NaturE and supamen spent 2023 on Challenger teams, while Apotheon was part of EG’s reserve roster.

Will EG slowly get out of the difficult situation?

The recent announcement of the organization’s VALORANT roster finally concludes EG’s eventful offseason. Shortly after EG’s unexpected triumph at Champions 2023, it was reported that players were given a choice: accept a significant salary reduction or seek opportunities elsewhere to continue their careers. Demon1 and Ethan were the first to depart, joining NRG. According to rerpots, 100T attempted to acquire Boostio, but EG rejected the offer. Interestingly, they eventually signed the player after his contract expired. Finally, c0m joined the international roster of Leviatan.

EG faced problems across almost all disciplines in which they were involved, and Valorant was no exception as a game with a Geniuses roster. The organization took a significant step back in its esports endeavors, parting ways with the CS2 roster and completely exiting the LCS. There were reasonable discussions online suggesting that the company’s issues stemmed from an inflated staff size, high salaries, and other expenses associated with maintaining the organization. With EG’s departure from other esports disciplines, this VALORANT roster remains the only active competitive lineup within the organization. The EG VALORANT roster will kick off their performances at the VCT Americas Kickoff, starting on February 16th.

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