Valve has fixed a critical bug with smoke, due to which enemies can be seen

Late on the night of February 9th, Valve launched an update for CS 2. The developers successfully fixed a crucial error that had been enabling players to see adversaries on the mini-map, whether they were positioned inside or beyond a smokescreen. This prompt resolution by the development team ensures a more balanced and engaging gameplay experience.

Update February 9

  • A fix has been implemented to address an issue in “Arms Race” where an additional shotgun kill counted as a knife kill and resulted in victory.
  • The visibility of player silhouettes in smoke has been adjusted.
  • An error was corrected where enemies would appear on the radar when viewed through smoke and semi-transparent surfaces like glass.
  • Various bug fixes and animation adjustments have been made.
  • A bug causing doors to rotate incorrectly on certain maps has been resolved.
  • Nuke: Regressions in visualization have been fixed.
  • Ancient: A pixel gap when looking at point B from the terrorists’ side has been fixed.
  • Anubis: A spot at the terrorists’ base where the bomb could be thrown out of reach has been addressed.
  • Anubis: Collision with mesh ledges at the “sniper’s nest” position has been enabled.
  • Mirage: An issue on “palaces” where the bomb could be thrown into an inaccessible area has been fixed.
  • An error preventing the binding of certain keys (e.g., the backslash key) on non-English keyboard layouts has been rectified.
  • An issue preventing the playback of certain old demo recordings has been resolved.
  • Various crash fixes have been implemented.

A major patch was recently released for CS 2, unveiling the Kilowatt case that introduces exciting new additions to the game. Players can now obtain the impressive Kukri knife and a visually appealing Zeus x27 skin from this case. For a comprehensive overview of the updates, you can refer to the provided link.

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