Valve Bans Hundreds of CS2 Accounts

There is no doubt that the biggest complaint of CS2 players is Valve’s inability to effectively combat cheaters. On their part, Valve has taken drastically different actions on this issue by unlocking hundreds of accounts in the last few hours. And this is not exactly what frustrated players wanted to see.

To be honest, the recent wave of unbans is not only justified but also overdue. These account restorations could have been traced back several months ago when players first started noticing that they were banned in CS2 for playing with high DPI.

High DPI and hundreds of unblocked accounts CS2

There is something more significant in this story: the majority of players who have shared how they were banned admitted to intentionally using excessively high DPI to be able to rotate as quickly as possible and appear as if they were aiming. These bans can be easily brushed off since trolls get what they deserve, but trolling is still not a ban-worthy offense in CS2. So, regardless of whether we approve of all the fake aimbots or not, it’s clear that their actions don’t justify the punishment they received.

In any case, Valve has come to the same conclusion, as players who were affected by the initial wave of account suspensions are now reporting that their “punishment” from Valve has ended and they are regaining access to the game. For some, the ban period approached three full months, which is enough time to permanently drive away most people from the game. However, it’s difficult to completely walk away from Counter-Strike, and the majority of players immediately logged back into their accounts upon being unbanned to continue playing or having fun, just like before.


Brazilian football star Gabriel Jesus announced that his CS2 account has been unblocked

It so happened that Brazilian football star Gabriel Jesus announced that his own CS2 account was unbanned just as the first wave of unbans for high DPI started. However, it’s unlikely that it has any relation to the recent wave, as Gabriel was banned just a week ago, and his issue seems unrelated to this particular case.

On one hand, the reversal of what we all call a false ban is almost always a positive change. No one wants innocent players to suffer such punishment, even if they troll their opponents on the server. On the other hand, it’s yet another bad look from Valve when it comes to dealing with cheaters in CS2.

It’s hard to take the developer’s efforts to combat cheaters seriously when it takes them several months to unban clean players who were simply messing around. If Valve’s anti-cheat system can be easily fooled by increasing DPI and some manual mechanics, it’s difficult to believe that it can effectively detect genuine cheaters.

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