Two top teams were eliminated from IEM Katowice 2024

IEM Katowice 2024 is yet to kick off its group stage, but some prominent names have already been knocked out of the event. Let’s take a moment to highlight the disappointments from Denmark and Brazil – the teams Astralis and Furia. Their early exits have left not only their fans but also enthusiasts of the competitive top scene, which includes these two teams, disheartened.

The Danish squad made headlines with the signing of two new players, raising expectations of a stronger lineup compared to ENCE, currently led by none other than Astralis‘ former IGL, gla1ve. However, the team appears to lack star power, unlike Astralis, who boast a lineup filled with skilled players.

Departure FURIA

FURIA’s tournament started with a surprising loss against The MongolZ (14-16), followed by another defeat against Apeks (1-2).

In the first match, FalleN did everything possible to assist his team, and overall, everyone played relatively well. However, Senzu and Techno proved to be exceptionally strong, winning numerous crucial rounds for their team.

Heading into the second match, Apeks didn’t appear capable of defeating the Brazilian lineup. But after the first half of the first map, concerns arose about FalleN and his performance. The score was 2-10, and it seemed like FURIA would lose quickly. In the end, the Brazilians managed to win only nine rounds, bringing the score to 9-13 thanks to an excellent second half.

The situation seemed hopeless once again in the second map. After the first half, the score was once again 2-10 in favor of Apeks. However, this time, FURIA managed to stage a spectacular comeback, winning 11 consecutive rounds. Nevertheless, the overall picture was that the Brazilians were simply not prepared for this tournament. Failure after failure, and the top scene does not forgive such weaknesses.

In the third map, FURIA once again started poorly in the first half (3-9), but they came very close to taking the battle into overtime. Apeks won 11-13 and sent them home, causing frustration among every Brazilian fan.

Astralis who couldn’t

Astralis suffered a defeat against Heroic with a score of 13-11 in their first match of the tournament, getting a bit of retribution for the situation with stavn and jabbi. It’s worth noting that these two players joined Astralis at the end of last November, effectively disrupting Heroic’s plans for 2024.

In the second match, Astralis faced ENCE and were easily defeated, possibly because former Astralis IGL gla1ve knows exactly the playstyle that device adheres to. The Danish superstar finished the match with a score of 26-25, but the rest of his team was completely dismantled.

Interestingly, gla1ve led the kills in the ENCE match, ending with a score of 35-19. From a tactical standpoint, this match was a true display of mastery. However, in reality, it was a complete failure for a team that was considered the strongest in the world for several years. It goes to show that relying solely on past glory won’t take you far.

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