The Gucci brand has disbanded its CS 2 lineup

The fashion house Gucci has decided to part ways with its CS 2 lineup, which competed under the tag Gucci Academy. The team has been repeatedly suspected of cheating, especially after their triumphant victory over BetBoom Team in a major tournament.

In May 2022, Gucci initiated a young academy in collaboration with FACEIT. The brand aimed to enter the esports scene through a young CS:GO roster, assembled from promising players in the FPL.

The Gucci brand has disbanded its lineup

Significant investments were planned for the team, with a budget allocated for monthly salaries, professional coaches, top-notch equipment, and premium medical services.

Gucci even produced several documentary mini-films featuring prominent figures in the esports industry. One of the episodes starred the renowned host, Yorin “Sheever” van der Heijden. In October 2023, Gucci Academy secured the 4th place in ESEA Main Season 46, a tournament with an average level of participants, mainly composed of mixes and youth teams from major clubs. Then, in November, the lineup emerged victorious in A1 Gaming League Season 7, where BetBoom Team also competed. The two teams faced off in the final, ultimately resulting in a win for Gucci Academy.

BB Team players accused their opponent of cheating

Afterwards, the players from BB Team posted a series of messages accusing their opponents of cheating.
“We made plenty of mistakes ourselves, but what I witnessed was beyond belief. People hitting full-timing shots or turning away from flashes they couldn’t see or hear, just like shadiy did on Anubis. We could have won, but we lost to ourselves. However, there were too many suspicious moments to claim that people weren’t playing with cheats.”
At that time, Ciocardau and God6y were playing for Gucci Academy. They had both been banned for cheating at different times. The organizers of A1 Gaming League Season 7 remained silent on the matter.

Afterwards, Gucci Academy won the small championship La Coupe 2023, with a prize pool of $4,000, and then ceased competing. On January 28, 2024, the fashion house announced the disbandment of their CS 2 lineup and their departure from the discipline.

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