League of Legends – LCS 2024: New format, patch and more

LCS 2024 League of Legends

Prepare to be captivated as the LCS makes its triumphant return to our screens on Saturday, January 20th! Brace yourself for an electrifying showdown between Team Liquid and 100 Thieves, setting the stage for an unforgettable debut game of the season. Fans across the globe have been eagerly awaiting this moment, their anticipation reaching fever pitch. With the appointment of Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman as the league’s new commissioner, North America is on the cusp of witnessing the transformative changes it has long yearned for.

Today, the veil of secrecy was lifted, revealing the first tantalizing details of the highly-anticipated 2024 LCS Spring Season. These crucial insights will serve as a compass for devoted fans, guiding them through the thrilling twists and turns of the upcoming Spring Split. So prepare yourselves, rally your fellow enthusiasts, and prepare to immerse yourselves in the unparalleled world of competitive League of Legends. The time is nigh for a new chapter in esports history to unfold before our very eyes!

LCS 2024 Spring Season Format

The 2024 season brought forth intense discussions about the competitive format, as teams sought to rival the revamped format of the LEC, which boasts an increased number of games within the same timeframe. Unfortunately, fans hoping for significant changes in this aspect will find themselves disappointed.

In the 2024 LCS Spring Split, eight teams will engage in a double-robin (round-robin) format during the regular season, featuring best-of-one matches. Following this, a six-team playoff will take place, with the top four teams commencing in the upper bracket. Each playoff series will be contested in a best-of-five (BO5) format. At the culmination of the playoffs, the two highest-ranking teams will earn the honor of representing North America at the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational.


A significant and eagerly awaited change in this regard is the revamped schedule, as the LCS officially returns to a weekend format. This exciting announcement came to light with the introduction of the new LCS commissioner in December, generating a lot of buzz among fans. The decision to switch to best-of-one (BO1) series for the regular season was influenced by the successful implementation of this format in other divisions of the league.

However, it’s important to note that Riot Games and the LCS are keeping their options open and remaining receptive to exploring alternative formats in the future. While they are not implementing those changes right now, it’s an exciting prospect for fans to look forward to as the LCS continues to evolve. So, get ready to mark your calendars for thrilling weekend LCS action, and stay tuned for potential format innovations down the road!

The LCS regular season will run on the current patch

Starting from the beginning of the 2024 Spring Split, LCS regular matches will be played on the live patch. This means that the same patch used by the League of Legends community will also be utilized by LCS teams. However, the tournament will transition to a separate patch during the playoffs stage. This move by Riot is aimed at fostering closer ties between the League community and its professional players.

All the exciting champions they witness in the LCS can be immediately experienced in their Solo Queue games, as both will be on the same patch. This approach should also prove beneficial for LCS players, as they won’t have to switch between two different versions of the game throughout the year. Riot will ensure that the LCS tournament realm is continuously updated to reflect the current state of the game on the PBE, making this seamless integration possible.

Reduced time between matches in LCS 2024

Riot truly values the feedback and wishes of the community, and they have taken note of a recurring request for faster-paced games in the upcoming year. Many fans expressed their concern that matches were dragging on for too long, sometimes extending 20 to 30 minutes beyond the studio broadcast. Recognizing the importance of addressing this issue, the LCS has put forward several strategies to minimize the time gap between games in the upcoming season, and one of these strategies involves pre-recording champion picks.

The idea behind pre-recording champion select is to create a more seamless and captivating viewing experience for fans. By reducing the downtime between games, viewers won’t have to endure long waiting periods, and the LCS can keep the excitement and momentum going. This change reflects Riot’s genuine commitment to catering to the desires of the community and ensuring that LCS enthusiasts can enjoy the action without unnecessary delays.

Riot’s decision to implement this adjustment demonstrates their human-centric approach, putting the fans at the forefront. By heeding the call for faster gameplay, they aim to deliver an even more thrilling and immersive experience for LCS viewers. With this step, Riot hopes to foster a stronger connection between players and spectators, forging a shared sense of excitement and enjoyment in the LCS community.

“LCS teams will pick and record their picks in the practice rooms where the previous game took place. After the picks are completed, they will go backstage to wait for the on stage play to finish. Then, as the teams take their seats and check equipment and readiness, we will show their footage with peaks for reactions from casters and the audience.”

However, these changes will only take effect during the regular season, and the Live pick-ban stage will continue throughout the playoffs.

Focus on fan interaction

Riot Games acknowledged difficulties in terms of interaction with fans. This year, LCS will make significant efforts to improve communication between its audience and its creation.

“Beginning in 2024, the LCS will begin to explore ways to use tools that will deepen fan engagement and engagement with live events. Polls and predictions are a good starting point, but we want to go further. Imagine if fans could vote on which game to watch or choose a player to stay on stage for a post-game interview. There is so much potential here and we are ready to explore it fully.” — Quote from LCS representative.“

LCS Season Schedule for Spring 2024

Regular season

  • Week 1 (Opening): January 20-21
  • Week 2: January 27-28
  • Week 3 (SuperWeek): February 2-4
  • Week 4: February 10-11
  • Week 5: March 2-3
  • Week 6 (SuperWeek): March 8-10 Playoffs
  • Week 1: March 14-17
  • Week 2: March 23-24
  • Final: March 30-31

Prize Pool

The $200,000 is distributed among the participants as shown below:

Place$ USDMeets RequirementsParticipant
1st$100,000Meets RequirementsTBD
2nd$50,000Meets RequirementsTBD
5th placeTBD
6th placeTBD
7th placeTBD
8th placeTBD
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