Top Valorant Sunset Smokes for Line of Sight Denial

Navigating the intricate pathways and tight corners of Sunset can prove to be a formidable challenge. Simplifying the perplexing terrain and evading enemy gunfire requires a solid understanding of strategic smoke placements. By utilizing the best Valorant Sunset smokes, you can make informed decisions as you navigate the bustling streets of Los Angeles.

This comprehensive smoke guide showcases effective methods for obstructing vision in different areas of the map, giving you a strategic advantage in gaining control over key zones. With numerous vantage points and corners to clear, knowing the optimal smoke spots becomes crucial in minimizing risks. Our curated list of smokes caters to both defenders and attackers, providing you with a competitive edge over your rivals.

All the Valorant Sunset smokes you need to know

Joe Lansford, the esteemed Lead Map Designer at Riot Games, shares valuable insights on the most effective strategies for controlling the Sunset map. According to Lansford, agents equipped with wall smokes are the top contenders in exerting control on this particular map.

Among the roster of smoking agents, Harbor emerges as the epitome of versatility. His unique ability to independently block off multiple positions sets him apart from the rest. With Harbor on your team, you can confidently navigate the Sunset map, strategically denying vision and gaining a significant advantage over your opponents.

Lansford’s endorsement of Harbor as the premier controller agent underscores the importance of utilizing wall smokes to dominate the map. By capitalizing on Harbor’s diverse smoking capabilities, you can effectively manipulate the battlefield, creating advantageous opportunities for your team to secure victory in the intense battles of Valorant.

Attacker side

When devising an attack strategy on both the A and B sites, attackers are presented with a multitude of options. Each site offers a total of four entryways, providing different routes to infiltrate and secure control.

Among these entryways, two stand out as quicker routes, allowing attackers to swiftly breach the sites and catch defenders off guard. These expedient paths may provide a tactical advantage, enabling attackers to establish a foothold on the sites before defenders have a chance to react.

On the other hand, the remaining two entryways require attackers to take a longer and potentially more treacherous path. Although these routes may demand additional time and effort, they can offer alternative advantages. Attackers taking the longer path may find themselves in a better position to coordinate with their team, plan intricate strategies, or catch defenders by surprise from an unexpected angle.

The decision of which entryway to choose ultimately depends on various factors, including the attackers’ playstyle, available resources, and the current state of the match. A well-coordinated team will carefully assess the situation, weigh the risks and benefits associated with each route, and make a calculated choice that maximizes their chances of success.

In the intense battlegrounds of Valorant, understanding the dynamics of the entryways and their respective advantages is crucial for attackers seeking to outmaneuver defenders and secure victory. By strategically utilizing the available routes, attackers can adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of the match, ensuring a dynamic and unpredictable gameplay experience for both sides.

A site

As the attacking team, you are presented with a myriad of strategic choices when it comes to approaching the A site. The key to a successful assault lies in identifying and exploiting your opponents’ weaknesses. To achieve this, it is highly recommended to leverage the skills of your initiator teammate, whose role is crucial in clearing out areas of the map where you suspect the defenders may be positioned.

By utilizing smokes to obscure the defenders’ sightlines, you can create opportunities to establish control over key areas of the map. These smokes serve as a tactical barrier, preventing the defenders from accurately assessing your team’s movements and intentions. With the defenders’ vision impaired, you can confidently advance and seize advantageous positions, gaining the upper hand in the engagement.

However, it is important to note that smoke placement is an art that requires careful consideration. Understanding the defenders’ common positions and sightlines is essential in determining where to deploy smokes effectively. By studying the map and analyzing the defenders’ tendencies, you can strategically block off their strongholds and limit their ability to respond to your advances.

Once the smokes have been deployed, it is crucial to capitalize on the temporary advantage they provide. Move swiftly and decisively to secure control over the key areas of the map. This will not only disrupt the defenders’ defensive setup but also create avenues for your team to execute coordinated attacks and secure the objective.

In the dynamic world of Valorant, adaptability is key. Be prepared to adjust your smoke strategies based on the defenders’ reactions and adapt to their countermeasures. Effective communication and coordination within your team will be paramount in maximizing the impact of your smokes and ensuring a successful assault on the A site.

Mid (split push)

Gaining control of the mid area is a pivotal objective for attackers, as it opens up a multitude of possibilities for executing successful strategies on both the B and A sites. With three distinct routes leading to the B site and two pathways to the A site, attackers have the flexibility to adapt their approach based on the defenders’ positioning and rotations.

However, the advantages of securing mid-control extend beyond mere accessibility to the sites. Intercepting defenders during their rotations is a game-changing opportunity that can turn the tides in favor of the attackers. By strategically positioning themselves in the mid area, attackers can cut off the defenders’ escape routes and catch them off-guard as they attempt to reinforce vulnerable sites or flank the attackers. This disruption not only disorientates the defenders but also creates openings and opportunities for the attackers to exploit.

Securing mid-control requires careful coordination, communication, and map awareness. Attackers must work together to clear out any defenders lurking in the mid area, ensuring a safe passage for their team to advance. It is crucial to maintain vigilance and adapt to the defenders’ strategies, as they may try to contest mid-control or launch counter-offensives to regain dominance.

Once mid-control is established, attackers gain a significant strategic advantage. They can dictate the tempo of the game, choosing when and where to execute their strategies. Whether it’s executing a split push, faking an attack, or coordinating a decisive assault, the attackers have the upper hand in dictating the flow of the round.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Valorant, mid-control is a coveted objective that can make or break a round. Attackers who master the art of seizing and maintaining control over the mid area will find themselves in a favorable position to secure victory and outmaneuver their opponents on the battlefield.

B site

Sunset is a map that truly puts your creativity to the test. While there may be instances where executing an all-out push through B main could potentially work in your favor, it remains a risky maneuver. Sending all five attackers through the narrow bottleneck of B main can result in a wasted round.

As attackers, seizing control of the mid area can have a profound impact on the outcome of the match. It forces the defending team to divide their attention and creates valuable opportunities for your team to secure flank kills. However, it is important to exercise caution and strategically employ smokes to cover vulnerable areas where you and your team may be exposed. This thoughtful approach minimizes the risk of being caught off-guard and maximizes your team’s chances of success.

In the dynamic world of Sunset, finding the right balance between boldness and prudence is essential. While daring strategies can yield impressive results, they also carry inherent risks. By seizing mid-control and employing effective smoke usage, you can tilt the odds in your favor and pave the way for a triumphant assault on the map.

Defender side

As defenders, anticipating and countering the attackers’ strategies is paramount to maintaining control and defending the objective. The attackers will relentlessly try to infiltrate your defenses and push you into a disadvantageous position. It is your responsibility to stay a few steps ahead and thwart their advances.

To effectively defend against the attackers, it is crucial to force them to exhaust their utility and gather critical information about their intentions. By meticulously observing their movements and listening for audio cues, you can pinpoint the areas they are likely to push. This knowledge empowers you to strategically deploy smoke grenades to block off those choke points, denying them easy access to the site.

The use of smoke screens serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it obscures the attackers’ vision, making it difficult for them to accurately assess the defensive positions and plan their approach. Secondly, it creates a sense of uncertainty and hesitation among the attackers, as they must navigate through the dense smoke, increasing the chances of them making mistakes or being caught off-guard.

To maximize the effectiveness of your defense, communication among teammates is crucial. By relaying information about the attackers’ movements and coordinating the deployment of smokes, you can create a synchronized defense that is difficult for the attackers to penetrate. Additionally, utilizing other defensive tools such as flashbangs and molotovs can further disrupt the attackers’ progress and force them to reconsider their strategy.

Remember, as defenders, your goal is to delay the attackers, waste their resources, and ultimately prevent them from achieving their objective. By staying vigilant, adapting to their tactics, and strategically utilizing smoke screens, you can create a formidable defense that frustrates the attackers and increases the likelihood of a successful defense on the objective.

A site

Viper, another agent capable of controlling the battlefield, can also fulfill the role of a sentinel. With her versatile abilities, she can effectively protect the A site by utilizing her wall of toxic smoke to cover A elbow and A main, denying attackers access to the two fastest routes.

By strategically deploying her smoke wall, Viper can create a barrier that obscures the vision of attackers and prevents them from swiftly advancing through A elbow and A main. This denial of access forces the attackers to reconsider their approach and potentially waste valuable time trying to find an alternative route.

Viper’s ability to combine control and defense makes her a valuable asset in safeguarding the A site. Her wall smoke not only provides cover but also instills a sense of hesitation and uncertainty among attackers, as they must navigate through the toxic fumes or find alternate paths. This disruption can significantly disrupt their coordinated efforts and buy precious moments for the defending team to react and reposition.

In summary, Viper’s versatility as both a controller and a sentinel agent makes her an excellent choice for protecting the A site. By utilizing her wall smoke to block off A elbow and A main, she effectively denies attackers the quickest routes and creates a formidable deterrent that can turn the tides in favor of the defending team.


Strategically positioning a smoke grenade at the choke point in the lower Mid can effectively disrupt the attackers’ momentum and impede their progress in gaining control over the mid-area. By obscuring their vision and limiting their options, the smoke creates a temporary barrier that forces the opponents to either wait for it to dissipate or find an alternative route.

However, it’s crucial to maintain situational awareness and be mindful of opponents who may attempt to flank or bypass the smoke by maneuvering through the Mid tiles close to the upper Mid. These cunning adversaries might exploit the momentary distraction caused by the smoke to catch you off guard and launch a surprise attack from an unexpected angle.

To counter this potential threat, it is advisable to have teammates or utility in place to cover the Mid top area and provide early warning of any opponent’s presence. Communication and coordination with your team are key to ensure a comprehensive defense and maintain control over the critical Mid position. By effectively utilizing smokes and adapting your strategies based on the opponents’ movements, you can maximize your chances of success and maintain an edge in the battle for mid-control.

B site

Protecting the B site is a relatively simple task. It’s essential to prioritize blocking the B main route to hinder the attackers’ progress. In case your team has lost control over the mid-area, it is recommended to strategically deploy a smoke grenade to obscure the entrance to the B site from B market.

By effectively blocking off the B main and utilizing smokes to limit the opponents’ visibility and options, you can significantly impede their ability to execute a successful attack on the B site. This defensive strategy buys your team valuable time to rotate, gather information, and reinforce the B site’s defenses.

Remember, coordination and communication with your teammates are critical in ensuring a well-coordinated defense. By working together and implementing these defensive measures, you can increase the chances of successfully thwarting the attackers’ advances and maintaining control over the B site.

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