How to Utilize Gekko’s Wingman for Planting and Defusing the Spike in Valorant

Valorant’s 22nd agent, Gekko, is a dynamic initiator possessing a wide range of abilities that prove invaluable in various scenarios. However, it is his Wingman ability that has captured the attention of the Valorant community. This unique mechanic introduces a fresh twist to the game, allowing Gekko to skillfully plant and defuse the spike.

Prior to Gekko’s addition, players had to put themselves at risk every round to plant or defuse the spike. With Wingman, teams now have a greater advantage when it comes to attacking sites, executing retakes, and defusing the spike. Prepare to be enthralled by this game-changing initiator ability that has taken the Valorant community by storm, as we delve into everything you need to know.

Mastering the Spike Plant with Gekko’s Wingman: A Guide

Always ensure that you have the spike in your possession before attempting to plant. Coordinate with your team and approach a spike site together for a successful execution. As you position yourself to gain line-of-sight of the designated planting area, prepare to activate Gekko’s Wingman ability. By equipping the ability and using the alt-fire command, you can initiate the spike planting process. Look out for the outline of Gekko on the site, signaling that he is ready to fulfill his task. It’s worth noting that Gekko’s ability to navigate the environment may not always take the most direct path, so anticipate potential deviations.

In a notable Valorant stream, the skilled player Tarik “Tarik” Celik attempted an ambitious spike plant from Kitchen to the Top nest of B site on Icebox. However, the small spike carrier took an unexpected route, maneuvering through Mid and Tube to reach the desired planting location. This showcases the need for adaptability and awareness of the Wingman’s movement behavior. Additionally, during commentary, Tom “Tombizz” Bissmire demonstrated the ability’s versatility by illustrating that Gekko’s Wingman can bypass Sage’s Barrier Orb wall and Cypher’s Trapwires if specifically commanded to plant the spike.

Expanding the tactical possibilities, Wingman can even be utilized to plant the spike amidst smoke cover. However, keep in mind that the diminutive carrier’s frailty is a concern, as it possesses only 100 HP. This vulnerability makes it crucial to provide adequate protection while the spike is being transported and planted. Should the spike carrier drop the objective, immediate action is required from the team to retrieve it and continue with the objective.

Remember, mastering the usage of Gekko’s Wingman ability for planting the spike requires a combination of strategic positioning, adaptability to varying paths, and maintaining an effective defense around the carrier. With practice and coordination, you can maximize the potential of this unique initiator ability in Valorant.

Mastering Spike Defusal with Gekko’s Wingman: A Comprehensive Guide

Defusing the spike with Gekko’s Wingman follows a straightforward process similar to planting. By equipping the Wingman ability and activating the alt-fire command, you can direct Gekko to approach and defuse the spike. This strategic move not only allows your team to focus on locating and neutralizing attackers, but it also contributes to the overall objective of securing the site.

It’s important to note that if Wingman gets eliminated after completing half of the defusal, the spike will be left partially defused, requiring your team to either finish the defusal or defend the spike. However, a successful defusal by Wingman not only prevents the spike from detonating but also rewards Gekko with an ultimate point, bringing you closer to utilizing your ultimate ability.

However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and be aware of potential obstacles that can hinder Wingman’s defusal attempt. Various agent abilities possess the capability to neutralize or impede Wingman’s progress. For instance, Astra’s Gravity Well can pull him away from the spike, disrupting the defusal process. Additionally, Wingman is susceptible to damage from post-plant molotovs, grenades, or other damage-dealing abilities, which can prove fatal if not taken into account.

To ensure a successful defusal with Wingman, it’s vital to assess the situation, communicate effectively with your team, and anticipate potential threats. By considering the enemy team’s composition and their available abilities, you can make informed decisions and employ countermeasures to protect Wingman during the defusal process.

Remember, mastering the utilization of Wingman for spike defusal requires practice, coordination, and adaptability. By honing your skills and staying vigilant, you can maximize the effectiveness of this unique initiator ability in Valorant and contribute to your team’s success in defusing the spike.

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