The Top 3 Heroes to Counter Bruno in Mobile Legends

Bruno is widely regarded as the quintessential glass cannon in the popular mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His playstyle revolves around dealing high amounts of physical damage while being relatively fragile in terms of defense. One of Bruno’s key strengths lies in his first skill, Volley Shot, which enhances his basic attack, allowing him to unleash devastating blows upon his opponents. Additionally, his passive ability, Mecha Legs, provides him with an increased critical chance, further amplifying his damage output. When equipped with two or three core items, Bruno becomes a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of swiftly eliminating enemies with just a few well-placed strikes.

However, it’s important to note that Bruno’s reliance on auto attacks leaves him vulnerable in certain situations. Unlike some other heroes in the game, he lacks reliable defensive spells, making him susceptible to crowd control effects and heroes with gap-closing abilities. His dash ability, Flying Tackle, while useful for mobility, offers limited range and only stuns opponents for a short duration. In order to maximize Bruno’s potential and mitigate his weaknesses, it’s crucial for players to position themselves strategically and work closely with their team. By capitalizing on his immense damage output and leveraging the strengths of his teammates, Bruno can become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Best counters to Bruno in Mobile Legends


Moskov, the agile marksman, possesses a diverse skill set that allows him to effectively counter Bruno in Mobile Legends. With his array of disabling abilities and swift mobility, Moskov can dominate the laning phase and maintain an advantage throughout the game. In the early stages, Moskov’s disabling abilities prove invaluable. His Abyss Walker ability grants him the ability to close the gap swiftly, allowing him to engage Bruno with precision. By timing the Abyss Walker correctly, Moskov can catch Bruno off guard and capitalize on his vulnerabilities. The Spear of Misery, another one of Moskov’s abilities, becomes a crucial tool in impaling Bruno against walls, amplifying the damage dealt and creating opportunities for follow-up attacks.

As the game progresses, Moskov’s attack speed bonus from Abyss Walker becomes increasingly devastating. With a flurry of high-speed basic attacks, he can rapidly chip away at Bruno’s health bar. This sustained damage output puts Bruno on the defensive and forces him to reconsider engaging in direct confrontations. Furthermore, Moskov’s ultimate ability, Spear of Destruction, can be a game-changer in encounters with Bruno. This powerful skill can deal massive damage to Bruno and potentially secure a kill, especially when used in combination with Moskov’s disabling abilities and attack speed boost. To bolster his survivability against Bruno’s physical damage, Moskov can opt to purchase the Wind of Nature item. This defensive item grants him a temporary shield and immunity to critical strikes, making him more resilient in duels and team fights.

In summary, Moskov’s versatility and skill set make him an excellent counter to Bruno in Mobile Legends. With his disabling abilities, mobility, and sustained damage output, Moskov can maintain a significant advantage over Bruno throughout the game. By leveraging his strengths and making strategic item choices, players can effectively neutralize Bruno’s threat and secure victory on the battlefield.


Khufra, the mighty guardian, possesses an impressive array of crowd control abilities that make him a nightmare for marksmen like Bruno. With his unique skill set, Khufra emerges as a top-tier pick for countering and shutting down enemy marksmen throughout the game. Tyrant’s Revenge, Khufra’s first skill, grants him unparalleled mobility and allows him to close the distance between himself and his target with ease. The extended cast range ensures that no marksmen, including Bruno, can escape his clutches. By capitalizing on this ability, Khufra can surprise Bruno from unexpected angles, catching him off guard and disrupting his positioning. Slamming Bruno against a wall or bringing him within the reach of Khufra’s allies becomes a devastating blow that can turn the tides of battle.

To further limit Bruno’s mobility and prevent him from escaping, Khufra can expertly utilize Bouncing Ball, his second skill. By precisely timing his attacks, Khufra can interrupt Bruno’s dashes and evasive maneuvers, effectively trapping him in a web of crowd control. This ensures that Bruno remains vulnerable to the combined assault of Khufra and his team. In terms of itemization, Khufra can take advantage of defensive items such as Dominance Ice, Antique Cuirass, and Blade Armor. These items not only bolster Khufra’s durability but also mitigate the impact of Bruno’s physical burst damage. With increased survivability, Khufra can confidently engage Bruno and disrupt his damage output without fear of being quickly dispatched.

In conclusion, Khufra’s crowd control abilities and mobility make him an exceptional counter to marksmen like Bruno. By utilizing his skills strategically and capitalizing on his ability to control the battlefield, Khufra can effectively neutralize Bruno’s impact and provide his team with a significant advantage. With the right itemization and a well-executed game plan, Khufra can secure victory and establish his dominance as a formidable force against marksmen.


Helcurt, the dreaded assassin, instills fear in the hearts of squishy marksmen, making him a relentless adversary to face. With his exceptional mobility and devastating burst damage, Helcurt possesses a skill set that is tailor-made for hunting down and eliminating heroes like Bruno. One of Helcurt’s standout abilities is his blink, which not only allows him to quickly close the gap between himself and his target but also inflicts a silence effect. This combination of mobility and crowd control proves to be a lethal skill combo when it comes to taking down Bruno. By silencing Bruno, Helcurt effectively shuts down his ability to use crucial skills, leaving him vulnerable to Helcurt’s onslaught.

As a jungler, Helcurt benefits greatly from securing buffs before engaging in combat. It is essential to prioritize obtaining buffs to empower Helcurt and enhance his deadly potential. By fully stacking his Deadly Stinger, Helcurt amplifies his damage output, ensuring that his attacks pack a devastating punch. When engaging Bruno, Helcurt’s ultimate ability, Dark Night Falls, becomes a vital tool. This ultimate activates the silence effect from Shadow Transition, further crippling Bruno’s ability to respond effectively. By using the blink to swiftly close the distance, Helcurt prevents Bruno from using his evasive Flying Tackle ability, leaving him exposed and easy prey for Helcurt’s lethal strikes.

To maximize the chances of a swift elimination, Helcurt can equip himself with two or three damage-focused items such as Blade of the Heptaseas, Demon Hunter Sword, and Blade of Despair. These items synergize with Helcurt’s kit, augmenting his damage potential and enabling him to potentially obliterate Bruno with a single strike of his Deadly Stinger. In conclusion, Helcurt’s unparalleled mobility, silence effect, and burst damage make him an intimidating force against marksmen like Bruno. By utilizing his skills strategically, securing buffs, and equipping suitable damage items, Helcurt can effectively dismantle Bruno’s defenses and secure victory on the battlefield.

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