New League of Legends Arena game mode

Riot Games will introduce a new 2v2v2v2 Arena game mode as a part of Soul Fighter summer event, which includes a new in-game universe with 12 brand-new skins for different champions. This event is going to be the biggest League of Legends event ever as well as for Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, and Legends of Runettera. 

The new LoL game mode will be available to gamers from July 20, 2023 to August 28, 2023 as a part of patch 13.14. However, if you can’t wait to check it out, you can go to League’s PBE (Public Beta Environment) testing server to try out Arena from June 27, 2023 onward. 

League of Legends Arena mode: maps, features, and more

Here are the basics of League of Legends Arena mode:

  • Four teams of two players
  • Six initial rounds, or more in case there is no a winner
  • Round robin match ups
  • Two phases for each round – Buy phase and Combat phase
  • Four maps
  • A constricting Ring of Fire that starts at 40 sec
  • Neutral Soul Fighter champions Cameos
  • Augments that stack and can modify each other
  • Ranked system
  • Honorific exits 

In this new mode, each game starts with a blind pick and ban phase. Each player receives one ban then selects a champion. Players can queue solo or with a friend to enter the arena in a team of two. Each match has several rounds, with a shop phase and a combat phase in each round, where you will face off against another team 2v2. Match ups will rotate between 4 teams in the arena, where each team will have a health bar that goes down with each loss. If you are annihilated, you can go out early and queue for a new game directly. 

Additionally, Riot has created brand-new unique maps for Arena, offering various strategic options filled with bushes and plants. The maps are circular, and have exceptional themes and sizes. Here is the list of new LoL Arena maps:

  • Ice map: has a lot of elements for firefights. 
  • Earth map: the smallest map as there are not too many places to hide.
  • Fire map: includes a giant bush where players can hide and jump on enemies.
  • Garden map: best for ranged champions as it is divided by bodies of water.

Champion cameos are a new feature as well functioning as battlefield obstacles, have no connection with any team, and change how the battle unfolds. These cameos will require teams to adjust to the various hurdles that will be presented against them. 

Augments, like TFT, are very potent power-ups that provide players a diversity of abilities that can radically change the match results based on the influence of the augment.

So, if you’re looking forward to playing Arena in the coming event, be sure to check out how this new game mode works, get a duo and brainstorm with them on how you can win the battle!