The 3 best heroes to counter Karrie in Mobile Legends

Karrie is a formidable anti-tank marksman hero in the popular mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Her passive skill, Lightwheel Mark, is especially punishing – it deals true damage based on the opponent’s maximum health. The more HP the enemy has, the harder Karrie’s attacks will hit. Karrie’s Speedy Lightwheel ability is a real game-changer. It allows her to rapidly trigger her passive, throwing multiple lightwheels with each basic attack. This not only enhances her damage output, but also grants her extra movement speed, letting her either chase down foes or maintain a safe distance to poke them from afar. Her Phantom Step dashes her towards a target while releasing two lightwheels, while Spinning Lightwheel heavily slows down any unfortunate opponents caught in its path. Karrie’s high mobility, sustained DPS, and true damage output make her a formidable late-game carry that can melt even the sturdiest of tanks.

However, the good news is that there are certain heroes who can effectively counter Karrie’s playstyle. If you find yourself up against the Lone Star, it may be wise to consider picking one of her known counters to stand a fighting chance. Some heroes with crowd control abilities, like Chou or Lolita, can lock down Karrie and prevent her from kiting and repositioning effectively. Burst mages like Eudora or Kagura can also quickly chunk her health before she has a chance to lifesteal and sustain. Tanky frontliners with high base HP, like Grock or Esmeralda, can soak up Karrie’s true damage while dishing out their own punishment. And heroes with armor shred, like Brody or Wanwan, can reduce Karrie’s damage output significantly. Ultimately, the key to countering Karrie is to either hard-engage on her before she can kite, or to outlast her damage through tankiness and sustain. With the right team composition and strategy, even the mighty Lone Star can be taken down.

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Not only can the ethereal Lunox keep the pesky marksman Karrie at bay with her powerful zoning abilities, but she can also give the Lone Star a taste of her own medicine with her potent magic damage. Once Lunox reaches level four and unlocks the full potential of her kit, Karrie won’t stand a chance when the Twilight Goddess starts weaving her deadly combos. Lunox’s mastery of light and dark energies makes her a natural counter to Karrie’s relentless physical onslaught. The marksman will find it increasingly difficult to get within range to unleash her damaging lightwheel attacks, as Lunox’s versatile skillset allows her to both push Karrie away and burst her down from afar. Her ability to alternate between defensive and offensive stances also gives Lunox the flexibility to adapt to Karrie’s playstyle. In the hands of a skilled player, Lunox can truly make life miserable for the Lone Star, denying Karrie the space and time she needs to ramp up her damage output. It’s a matchup that heavily favors the angelic mage, leaving Karrie with few viable options to overcome the Twilight Goddess’ onslaught. But Lunox is not the only hero who can disrupt Karrie’s deadly antics. Baxia, the Titanium Enforcer, is another strong counter to the marksman’s playstyle. Baxia’s Thunderclap Spin ability can not only interrupt Karrie’s mobility, but also reduce her damage output significantly. When Baxia activates his ultimate, Thunderclap Barrier, he gains a massive shield that absorbs a portion of all incoming damage. This effectively negates Karrie’s true damage from Lightwheel Mark, allowing Baxia to tank through her attacks and retaliate with his own powerful crowd control and sustain. Moreover, Baxia’s Thunderclap Spin can hit multiple targets, making it an excellent tool for disrupting Karrie’s team fights. The Titanium Enforcer’s ability to lockdown and outlast the Lone Star is a significant threat that Karrie must respect. Another hero that can give Karrie a hard time is Guinevere, the Enchanted Damsel.

Guinevere’s Leap of Faith allows her to dash towards Karrie and knock her up, interrupting the marksman’s mobility and basic attack combos. The Enchanted Damsel’s ultimate, Doomsday, also provides her with a potent burst of magic damage that can quickly chunk Karrie’s health, especially if the marksman is caught in the ability’s radius. Guinevere’s hybrid damage profile and disruptive kit make her a formidable counter to Karrie’s sustained DPS playstyle. Furthermore, Guinevere’s ability to jump in and out of fights gives her the flexibility to engage on Karrie when the opportunity arises, while also disengaging to avoid the marksman’s retaliation. This hit-and-run tactic can be incredibly frustrating for Karrie to deal with, as she struggles to pin down the elusive Enchanted Damsel. Of course, Karrie is not without her own strengths, and skilled players can still find ways to outmaneuver and outplay these counter-picks. Her high mobility, kiting potential, and sheer damage output make her a force to be reckoned with in the late game. However, the existence of effective counters like Lunox, Baxia, and Guinevere means that Karrie players must be wary of their team compositions and draft accordingly. Failing to account for these heroes can lead to a frustrating and uphill battle for the Lone Star, no matter how skilled the player may be. Ultimately, the key to success against Karrie lies in understanding her strengths and weaknesses, and selecting the right heroes to exploit her vulnerabilities. With the right strategy and teamwork, even the mighty Lone Star can be brought down to size.


Harith, the nimble Feline Sorcerer, is a formidable challenger to the mighty Karrie. His exceptional mobility and potent damage output make him a formidable adversary, particularly in the chaotic team fights where Karrie thrives. Harith’s ability to dart in and out of engagements with his Flicker-like Pounce, coupled with his high-impact spellcasting, allows him to disrupt Karrie’s damage rotation and prevent her from shredding his allies. The Feline Sorcerer’s mastery of the arcane arts grants him the flexibility to switch between burst and sustained damage, keeping the Lone Star on her toes. What truly sets Harith apart, however, is his utility move, Radiant Barrier. This ability grants him a sizable shield, effectively mitigating Karrie’s relentless barrage of lightwheel attacks. With this defensive tool in his arsenal, Harith can fearlessly dive into the fray, shielding himself and his teammates from the marksman’s devastating true damage. In a one-on-one encounter, Harith’s mobility and burst potential become even more pronounced. He can quickly close the distance, unleash a flurry of spells, and then swiftly disengage before Karrie can mount a proper counterattack. The Feline Sorcerer’s ability to control the pace of the duel gives him a distinct advantage over the Lone Star. Ultimately, Harith’s versatility, team utility, and individual prowess make him a formidable counter to Karrie’s playstyle. The Lone Star must be wary of the Feline Sorcerer’s movements and anticipate his ability rotations, lest she find herself overwhelmed by Harith’s dazzling displays of arcane might. However, Karrie is not without her own advantages against Harith. The Lone Star’s sustained damage output and ability to kite can pose a significant challenge for the Feline Sorcerer.

Karrie’s Lightwheel Mark also provides her with a means to track and punish Harith’s movements, making it difficult for the mage to escape once engaged. Moreover, Karrie’s team composition can play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the matchup. If Karrie is paired with heroes that can provide effective peeling and lockdown, they can create windows of opportunity for the marksman to freely unleash her devastating damage combo on the Feline Sorcerer. Heroes like Baxia, with his disruptive Thunderclap Spin, or Tigreal, with his impactful Charge and Ultimate, can aid Karrie in keeping Harith at bay and creating openings for the Lone Star to pounce. By working in tandem, Karrie and her supportive teammates can neutralize the Feline Sorcerer’s mobility and force him to play more cautiously. Conversely, Harith thrives when paired with heroes that can complement his playstyle and provide him with the necessary peel and protection. Supports like Estes, with his potent healing and crowd control, or Diggie, with his ability to disrupt enemy engagements, can create the ideal conditions for Harith to excel. The interplay between Harith and Karrie, as well as the broader team compositions, ultimately determines the outcome of their clash. Both heroes possess unique strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to adapt and outmaneuver one another is key to emerging victorious. Skilled players on either side will need to carefully consider their team’s draft, as well as their own personal mastery of the hero, to gain the upper hand in this intricate matchup. The balance between Harith’s aggression and Karrie’s sustained damage is a delicate dance, with each misstep potentially leading to a devastating defeat.


Pharsa, the ethereal Winged Messenger, possesses a formidable skill set that poses a significant threat to the Lone Star, Karrie. Pharsa’s arsenal is a potent blend of crowd control and burst damage, making her a daunting opponent in a one-on-one confrontation. The Winged Messenger’s ability to rain down devastating Feather Missiles, followed by the disruptive Mystic Feather, creates a deadly combination that Karrie struggles to overcome. Pharsa’s mastery of these spells allows her to cripple the marksman’s mobility and deliver devastating bursts of damage, rendering Karrie’s superior sustained DPS largely ineffective. Pharsa’s unparalleled map mobility, courtesy of her Wings by Wings ability, only exacerbates the challenge for Karrie. The Winged Messenger can swiftly traverse the battlefield, appearing in unexpected lanes and capitalizing on Karrie’s overextensions or moments of vulnerability. This remarkable mobility grants Pharsa the flexibility to outmaneuver the Lone Star and dictate the tempo of the skirmishes. Moreover, Pharsa’s innate ability to kite and maintain optimal positioning further complicates matters for Karrie. The Winged Messenger’s feather-light footwork and precise spell management enable her to keep Karrie at bay, denying the marksman the opportunity to freely unload her devastating barrage of attacks. Faced with Pharsa’s formidable crowd control, burst damage, and exceptional mobility, Karrie finds herself severely outmatched in a one-on-one scenario. The Lone Star’s reliance on sustained DPS and melee-range engagements becomes a liability against the Winged Messenger’s ranged, high-impact abilities. To overcome Pharsa’s dominance, Karrie will need to rely on her team’s coordination and the support of her allies. By working in tandem with heroes who can provide effective lockdown and peeling, Karrie may find the necessary openings to close the distance and neutralize the Winged Messenger’s threat.

However, the challenge posed by Pharsa’s versatile kit and strategic flexibility remains a daunting obstacle for the Lone Star to overcome. One potential avenue for Karrie to explore is the acquisition of items that can enhance her ability to withstand Pharsa’s barrage. Items like Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor can help the Lone Star mitigate the burst damage from Feather Missiles, while the Antique Cuirass can provide additional resistance against Pharsa’s magical damage. By shoring up her defenses, Karrie can better weather the Winged Messenger’s offensive onslaught and look for opportunities to retaliate. Equally important is Karrie’s positioning and target prioritization in teamfights. While Pharsa may be the primary threat, the Lone Star must be mindful of the Winged Messenger’s supporting cast. Heroes like Nana or Diggie, with their disruptive crowd control, can severely hamper Karrie’s ability to effectively engage Pharsa. By carefully identifying and neutralizing these secondary threats, Karrie can create windows of opportunity to focus her attention on the Winged Messenger. Furthermore, Karrie’s own team composition can play a crucial role in tipping the scales in her favor. Heroes like Tigreal or Baxia, with their formidable crowd control and disruption, can create the necessary openings for Karrie to safely approach and engage Pharsa. The Lone Star’s teammates can also provide valuable zoning and peeling, allowing Karrie to unleash her devastating damage combo without fear of retaliation from the Winged Messenger. Ultimately, the clash between Karrie and Pharsa is a complex and multifaceted battle that requires strategic adaptability and keen decision-making from both players. Karrie’s ability to navigate the Winged Messenger’s formidable kit, while leveraging the support of her team, will be the key to emerging victorious in this high-stakes encounter.

Which of the following factors is the most significant obstacle for Karrie to overcome when facing Pharsa in a one-on-one matchup?
Pharsa's burst damage and crowd control abilities
Pharsa's superior map mobility and kiting potential
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