S1mple temporarily withdraws from CS2 and actively engages in entrepreneurship

During the recent HLTV awards ceremony, the legendary CS player revealed his current involvement in a collaborative “educational project” with his brother, aimed at novice players. The project is set to be launched in April.

S1mple reigned supreme in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, claiming an impressive three HLTV Player of the Year awards, clinching 21 MVP titles across various tournaments, and finally achieving victory in the highly anticipated Major and Intel Grand Slam. From 2016 to 2023, he served as the prominent face of the NAVI organization, captivating the world with his exceptional skills in the game.

Sasha initially encountered difficulties within CS2, even before its official release. He experienced frequent game crashes, encountered lag issues, and faced significant changes to the AWP, all of which deterred his active participation both within the organization and the game itself. S1mple, more than anyone else, expressed dissatisfaction with the game’s functional state.

Furthermore, the war initiated by Russia in Ukraine inflicted irreparable damage on players from the country, and Sasha was not exempt from its impact. As the best Ukrainian player representing the best Ukrainian organization (NAVI), the war had a profound effect on both him and the team.

Did Sasha choose the right vector?

At the pre-awards event, s1mple surprised everyone, leaving NAVI and eSports fans in a state of mild shock, as he claimed that he would be stepping away from gameplay this year. However, he swiftly changed course by announcing his imminent comeback to the server, and reportedly, he is already undergoing rigorous training. Notably, he revealed his primary focus on establishing his own academy, aimed at nurturing young players. The project is slated for an April release and is expected to encompass various significant and pivotal features for the gaming community.

Even at the height of his career, the player already had his sights set on new ventures beyond the game. He began to explore opportunities in the business world, establishing popular delivery services such as Ninja Sushi and Pizza in the CIS region. Interestingly, even his older brother, who was also involved with Natus Vincere, decided to follow his own path and became a driving force behind his younger sibling’s new project. With Sasha’s name still fresh in people’s minds, there is a unique chance to capitalize on this momentum and achieve significant success.

The rest of the team eagerly awaits s1mple’s return to the server. It seems that Kostylev Jr. may have made a premature decision to step away. Playing for Na’Vi has proven to be a challenging experience for him, and it’s highly likely that the organization is either waiting for a lucrative offer or considering allowing Sasha to leave without demanding any compensation.

To summarize, although financial gains undoubtedly play a role, it’s important to recognize the human aspect of the situation. The GOAT (Greatest of All Time) player may have encountered some hurdles in his career trajectory. Time will ultimately reveal who made the right choices. One thing is certain: Sasha won’t be able to reclaim the time he sacrificed during his break compared to others. Ideally, this realization would have come earlier, but facing a decline can have lasting consequences.

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