PUBG Mobile prepares three-year investment plan worth $100 million

PUBG Mobile has just unveiled an extraordinary initiative called the Wonder Creators Network, backed by a massive $100m (~£82.3m) investment. This groundbreaking plan is designed to celebrate and reward the game’s passionate players like never before.

The Wonder Creators Network represents PUBG Mobile’s unwavering dedication to nurturing a thriving co-creation ecosystem in the years to come. By channeling significant resources into competitions, opportunities, and enticing incentives, PUBG Mobile is set to redefine the relationship between creators and the captivating content they bring to life within the game.

PUBG Mobile Focuses on Ptopia Design Project

PUBG Mobile’s commitment to its creator ecosystem is evident through its focus on the Ptopia Design Project (PDP) and the recently introduced World of Wonder (WOW) mode. These initiatives foster collaboration with artists to produce engaging game content and allow players to unleash their creativity by building unique maps and modes, following in the footsteps of successful projects like Fortnite and Roblox.

In an exciting development, PUBG Mobile has announced that creators participating in the World of Wonder and Ptopia Design Project competitions in 2023 will have the chance to compete for a substantial prize pool of $750,000 (~£617,300). Looking ahead, an even more enticing incentive plan worth ‘tens of millions of dollars’ is set to launch in 2024.

Within the World of Wonder mode, PUBG Mobile keeps the excitement alive by introducing regular themed contests during each update cycle. These contests offer a prize pool of $50,000 (~£41,100) and a plethora of in-game rewards, providing ample motivation for players to showcase their creativity.

Adding to the thrill, PUBG Mobile is introducing a brand-new in-game event called the Tournament of Wonder, which coincides with the Version 2.8 Update. This tournament gives creators the opportunity to design captivating thematic maps. Players will have the power to vote for their favorite creator maps, with cash prizes of up to $1,000 (~£820) awaiting the winners. Additionally, the top 200 creator maps will share a cash prize pool of $50,000, while the top 5,000 creators will receive Crate Coupons worth over $10,000 (~£8,200).

More than 400,000 applications for the Ptopia Design Project: PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has been astounded by the overwhelming response of over 400,000 submissions for its Ptopia Design Project in the past couple of years. This remarkable influx of creativity has resulted in the successful integration of 50 player-designed items into the game. Presently, the Ptopia Design Project’s mid-year comprehensive design competition is open for new submissions, while the 5th Global Design Competition and the inaugural esports-focused co-design competition are slated to launch before the conclusion of 2023.

PUBG Mobile has also introduced a diverse array of initiatives to support creators, including the ‘Journey to Wonders’ creator growth system, the ‘Coaching of Wonders’ Discord community, and an exclusive Creator Awards Ceremony.

The creator growth system offers World of Wonder creators the opportunity to earn experience points by crafting maps and garnering player engagement and appreciation. As players progress through various creator levels, they unlock prestigious honors such as unique avatar frames and achievements.

To culminate the year, PUBG Mobile will host a dedicated awards ceremony that celebrates the remarkable contributions of its creators. This grand event will bestow coveted awards, granting winners exclusive in-game titles and custom trophies as tokens of recognition.

It’s worth noting that PUBG Mobile’s commitment to nurturing its creator community is not new. In 2021, the game unveiled an extensive $100 million creator program aimed at amplifying and supporting the endeavors of its talented creators.

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