Imperial are planning to replace HEN1 with Argentinian Try from 9z

Imperial are planning to replace HEN1 with Argentinian Try from 9z

It seems Imperial are planning some roster shakeups during this break in the competitive Counter-Strike action. The Brazilian esports organization is reportedly looking to bring in Argentine player Santino “try” Rigal, who has been riding the bench for Team 9z since last October. The goal is to have try replace veteran in-game leader Henrique “HEN1” Teles in Imperial’s starting lineup. This information about Imperial’s potential roster move has been obtained by the keen-eyed journalists over at Dust2 Brasil. Negotiations are still ongoing between the two organizations, so the deal hasn’t been finalized just yet. But it’s clear the Brazilian squad is aiming to make some changes to their starting five during this current downtime between tournaments.

It will be interesting to see how this proposed swap between Imperial and 9z shakes out in the end. Try has been waiting patiently on the 9z bench for his chance to prove himself on a bigger stage. Now it seems he may get that opportunity, as Imperial look to inject some fresh blood into their lineup. The team has underperformed a bit of late, so a roster move like this could be just what they need to turn things around. We’ll have to stay tuned in the coming weeks to see if this rumored transfer of try from 9z to Imperial ends up coming to fruition. It could be a high-impact move that reshuffles the power dynamics in the Brazilian CS2 scene.

Potential Imperial Roster Shake-Up as 9z’s Try Rumored to Join Brazilian Powerhouse

When reached for comment, representatives from 9z declined to provide any specific details or confirmation regarding the potential transfer of Santino “try” Rigal to the Imperial roster. On the Imperial side, the organization had not responded to requests for information about the rumored roster move at the time this report was published. Statistically speaking, Henrique “HEN1” Teles has been one of Imperial’s most impactful players, posting a commendable 6.3 rating – second only to the 6.4 rating of team captain João “felps” Vasconcellos. HEN1 originally joined Imperial back in July of last year, and together the squad went on to claim several notable achievements, including the South American ECL S47 title and the Thunderpick World Championship SA #1 crown. They also finished as runners-up at the GET Rio 2024 event and participated in the recent PGL CS2 Major in Copenhagen, ultimately reaching the Elimination stage of the prestigious tournament.

If the reported deal to bring in the 19-year-old Santino “try” Rigal comes to fruition, Imperial’s new-look starting lineup would be:

  • João “felps” Vasconcellos
  • Kaiky “noway” Santos
  • Lucas “decenty” Bacelar
  • Santino “try” Rigal
  • Vinicius “VINI” Figueiredo

Team Imperial may face some unexpected changes during

Try has been cooling his heels on the 9z bench since last October, when he requested time off due to some undisclosed health concerns. But the Argentine player is no stranger to the Brazilian Counter-Strike scene, having previously played for the 00Nation organization from January 2022 through the end of 2023. Just last week, try posted on social media that he’s feeling more motivated than ever and is actively searching for a new team to join. The timing of this potential transfer aligns well with Imperial’s reported interest in bringing him in as a replacement for the veteran HEN1. If this Imperial/9z roster swap does end up materializing, it would mark the first change to the Brazilian squad’s starting five in nearly 8 months. The last alteration came back in October 2023, when Lucas “decenty” Bacelar was brought in to replace Ricardo “Boltz” Prass on the Imperial roster. This could prove to be an impactful move that shakes up the power dynamics in the South American CS2 scene. Try is a talented young player who has been biding his time on the 9z bench, and now he may get his chance to prove himself on a bigger stage with Imperial. The Brazilian organization has clearly identified an opportunity to inject some fresh blood into their lineup, as they look to build on their recent successes and take the next step as a top contender. HEN1 has been a stalwart for Imperial, but the team may feel that a change is necessary to elevate their overall performance and unlock new strategic dimensions. Rumors of this potential roster move have certainly generated a buzz in the Brazilian CS community. Fans and pundits alike will be eager to see how Try would integrate into the Imperial squad and whether his addition could provide the spark the team needs to reach new heights.

Of course, as with any major roster change, there are always questions about team chemistry, in-game roles, and overall strategic direction. Imperial will need to carefully manage the transition if they do end up signing Try, ensuring that all the pieces fit together seamlessly. The last thing they’ll want is for this move to disrupt the positive momentum they’ve built over the past year. It’s also worth noting that negotiations between Imperial and 9z are still ongoing, so the deal has not yet been finalized. There’s always the possibility that the two organizations fail to reach an agreement, or that Try ultimately decides the move isn’t the right fit for him. Roster swaps in esports can be notoriously complex, with many moving parts that need to align. Regardless of the outcome, this potential Imperial/9z transfer has certainly generated a lot of intrigue and speculation within the Brazilian CS community. Fans will be watching closely to see if the organizations can hammer out an agreement, and whether Try can make a smooth transition into Imperial’s starting lineup. If the deal does go through, it will be fascinating to see how Try’s addition impacts Imperial’s performance and overall team dynamic. The young Argentine could inject a much-needed spark, or he may struggle to find his footing and gel with his new teammates. Only time will tell how this high-profile roster move plays out.

In the meantime, both Imperial and 9z will need to maintain their focus on the competitive landscape. With crucial tournaments and events on the horizon, any disruption to their preparations could have serious ramifications. The organizations will need to handle this situation delicately, ensuring that their players remain locked in and ready to compete at the highest level, regardless of how the roster situation ultimately shakes out.

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