EPIC.LAN extends partnership with Overclockers UK for another 1 year

EPIC.LAN, a UK-based organizer of gaming and esports events, has decided to extend its partnership with Overclockers UK, a hardware retailer. As part of this renewed collaboration, Overclockers UK will continue serving as the official chair partner for EPIC.LAN’s events. Their involvement will include showcasing a diverse range of noblechairs, Nitro Concepts, and ThunderX3 products on stage and during live streams.

Fifth year in a row that Overclockers UK has partnered with EPIC.LAN

Overclockers UK has extended its partnership with EPIC.LAN, solidifying their collaboration for the fifth consecutive year. The upcoming EPIC41 event, scheduled from February 22nd to 25th at Kettering Leisure Village, will see Overclockers UK actively participating.

In addition to their role as the official chair partner for EPIC.LAN events, Overclockers UK will have a physical presence where they will conduct demonstrations featuring a wide range of hardware available on their website, including a curated selection of chairs.

The partnership also emphasizes the importance of EPIC.LAN’s online community. Together with Overclockers UK and other partners, EPIC.LAN will provide community members with an exclusive landing page offering various product discounts and promotions.

Beyond their involvement in organizing esports events, EPIC.LAN is committed to supporting esports education. In a recent announcement, they revealed their collaboration with the University of Northampton, providing the university with access to their tournament platform as an educational resource.

The director of EPIC.LAN spoke about the extension of the partnership

Jon Winkle, the Managing Director of EPIC.LAN, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership renewal: “The partnership with Overclockers is incredibly important to us at EPIC.LAN, especially because they are a local business.

“On a personal level, I have been a loyal customer of Overclockers since their establishment in Stoke-on-Trent back in the 2000s. Witnessing their growth in 2023 was a truly remarkable moment for our community. The fact that we can proudly associate this renowned gaming retailer with EPIC.LAN for the fifth consecutive year fills us with great pride and excitement.”

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