Mobile Legends: Saber Guide – Optimal Build, Abilities, Emblem, and Combos

Saber, also known as the Wandering Sword, is a formidable assassin hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He possesses one of the most deadly combos in the game, capable of swiftly decimating squishy heroes. With his explosive damage output, Saber can eliminate opponents in the blink of an eye, making him a fearsome force on the battlefield. While Saber is relatively easy to learn, mastering his true potential requires a significant amount of practice and strategic thinking. It’s crucial to understand the intricacies of his skills and how to effectively utilize them in different situations. Timing and positioning play a vital role in maximizing Saber’s damage output and securing kills.

To help aspiring players learn how to play Saber effectively, the VPEsports guide offers in-depth insights and tips. It covers various aspects, including skill recommendations, the ideal battle spell and emblem choices, the best build for Saber, and advanced combo techniques. By following this guide, players can enhance their understanding of Saber’s playstyle and improve their overall performance in the game. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an experienced player aiming to further refine your skills with Saber, the VPEsports guide provides valuable information and strategies to elevate your gameplay. Dive into the world of Saber and unleash his full potential on the battlefield to achieve victory for your team.

Saber’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Enemy’s Bane

Saber’s strikes have the ability to lower the physical defense of enemies upon contact, lasting for a few seconds.

  • Physical defense reduction stacks upon hit, and can reach up to five stacks.
  • Defense reduction does not work on minions, but applies on creeps.
  • Skills can also trigger the passive. Spam his first skill, Orbiting Swords, to easily reach max stacks.

First skill – Orbiting Swords

Saber, the skilled hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses a unique ability that sets him apart from other characters. He can release a mesmerizing set of five swords that gracefully orbit around him, ready to strike his foes with precision. Upon contact, these swords deal substantial physical damage to nearby enemies, leaving them vulnerable and weakened. The beauty of Saber’s swordplay lies in their return to him after a brief period, ready to be unleashed once again. This cyclic motion showcases Saber’s mastery over his weapons and enhances his overall effectiveness in combat. When the swords are in motion, Saber harnesses their power to perform swift and deadly attacks. With each strike, he sends a single sword hurtling towards his intended target, delivering not only additional physical damage but also causing collateral damage to any other unfortunate enemies caught in its path. However, it’s important to note that the damage inflicted on minions is intentionally reduced, allowing for a balanced gameplay experience.

In addition to the offensive prowess granted by his swordplay, Saber’s attacks possess an inherent utility. Each strike not only inflicts damage but also contributes to reducing the cooldown of his Charge ability, his second skill. This unique mechanic allows Saber to maintain a relentless assault on his enemies, ensuring that he remains a constant threat on the battlefield. Saber’s ability to manipulate his swords with such finesse showcases his exceptional skill and precision. Whether he is gracefully slicing through enemies or strategically positioning his blades for maximum impact, Saber’s swordplay is truly a sight to behold. Mastering his unique playstyle requires practice, timing, and a deep understanding of his abilities, but the rewards are well worth the effort. So, embrace the elegance of Saber’s swordplay, unleash the power of his orbiting blades, and dominate the battlefield with your unrivaled prowess.

  • Orbiting Swords deal more damage when used with basic attacks.
  • As this is his primary damage and farming tool, max out this skill first.
  • You can cast Orbiting Swords during dashes and in motion using the joystick.
  • This skill damages invisible enemies, but does not reveal them.
  • When you’re playing as a jungler and taking the orange buff, poke the nearby creep with this so you can farm much faster.
  • When attacking a turret, Saber will still shoot a sword toward it and reduce Charge’s cooldown, but will not deal extra damage.
  • The swords will continue to orbit and return to Saber even after he is killed.

Second skill – Charge

Saber, the agile hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses a remarkable ability that allows him to dash swiftly in the targeted direction. As he traverses the battlefield, Saber’s movements are imbued with destructive energy, inflicting substantial physical damage upon any enemies unfortunate enough to cross his path. The true power of Saber’s dash lies in its ability to enhance his next basic attack. With unmatched precision, he delivers a devastating blow to his target, unleashing a surge of physical damage that leaves his opponents reeling. But that’s not all – the impact of Saber’s strike also imposes a temporary slowdown upon the target, impairing their movements and granting him a tactical advantage. This combination of speed, precision, and damage amplification makes Saber a force to be reckoned with. He can swiftly close the gap between himself and his foes, swiftly dispatching them with a lethal strike that not only inflicts significant damage but also hinders their ability to escape or retaliate.

Mastering Saber’s dash ability requires finesse and careful timing. Knowing when to engage, how to position oneself, and when to unleash the enhanced basic attack are key elements in maximizing his effectiveness on the battlefield. With practice, players can harness Saber’s agility and devastating strikes to become a formidable presence, instilling fear in the hearts of their enemies. So, embrace the fluidity of Saber’s dash, harness its power to deliver lethal blows, and outmaneuver your adversaries with unparalleled finesse. Unleash the full potential of this agile hero and dominate the battlefield with your swift and deadly prowess.

  • Charge is his mobility spell. You can use it to initiate your combo, or escape from sticky situations.
  • You can dash through walls using this.
  • If you’re a jungler, don’t hesitate to use this to enhance your basic attacks when farming creeps.

Ultimate – Triple Sweep

Saber, the relentless hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses a fearsome ability that allows him to charge directly at his target enemy hero. With unwavering determination, Saber lunges towards his chosen foe, unleashing a relentless flurry of strikes that leaves them airborne and at his mercy. During the duration of this powerful skill, Saber delivers three consecutive blows to his target. The first two strikes carry the same amount of physical damage, each strike landing with precision and force. These initial strikes serve as a prelude to the devastating third and final blow, which strikes with even greater intensity, inflicting significantly more damage than its predecessors. The combination of Saber’s charging force and his rapid strikes demonstrates his unyielding resolve and unmatched combat prowess. This ability allows him to seize control of the battlefield, overpowering his opponents with a relentless barrage of attacks that can turn the tide of any confrontation.

Mastering the timing and execution of Saber’s charge skill is crucial to maximizing its potential. The ability to disrupt and incapacitate the enemy with a series of strikes can create valuable opportunities for teamwork and secure crucial kills. By utilizing this skill effectively, players can establish themselves as formidable forces on the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of their adversaries. So, embrace the power of Saber’s charging assault, unleash the fury of his strikes, and dominate the battlefield with your unwavering determination. Harness the full potential of this relentless hero and emerge as a victorious champion in the world of Mobile Legends.

  • Triple Sweep allows you to dash for a distance shorter than Charge. Nonetheless, it still allows you to close the gap against your target.
  • This consumes Orbiting Swords with each strike, dealing massive damage. So, make sure to cast Orbiting Swords first before triggering the ultimate.
  • To make sure you hit your intended target, turn on Hero Lock Mode.
  • Even if its airborne effect gets removed by Purify or hero skills with the same effect (Miya‘s Hidden Moonlight, Wanwan‘s Needles in Flowers), Triple Sweep will still deal damage.
  • However, If you are killed during the skill’s duration, your target will stay airborne, but no further damage will be dealt.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Saber in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

When it comes to selecting the optimal battle spell in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the choice should be based on your role and playstyle within the team. If you find yourself in the jungler role, Retribution is an excellent option to consider. This battle spell equips you with the ability to efficiently clear creeps in the jungle, providing you with a steady stream of gold and experience. Additionally, Retribution allows you to secure important objectives such as the Turtle or Lord, granting your team significant advantages in terms of map control and additional buffs.

On the other hand, if you’re playing as a laner or roamer, Execute can prove to be a valuable battle spell. Execute serves as a finishing move, allowing you to deal a significant amount of true damage to a low-health enemy. This spell can be a game-changer in situations where your target manages to survive your initial combo or escapes with a sliver of health. With Execute, you have the power to swiftly eliminate those stragglers and secure kills that would otherwise slip away, tilting the scales of battle in your favor. Choosing the right battle spell is essential for maximizing your effectiveness in the game. It’s important to consider your role, playstyle, and the specific needs of your team when making this decision. By selecting the appropriate battle spell, you can enhance your overall performance and contribute to the success of your team in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Recommended emblem

When looking to optimize your hero’s potential in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the Assassin emblem emerges as a prime choice for those aiming to excel in swiftly taking down enemy heroes with a devastating combo. This emblem offers a range of powerful enhancements, specifically boosting adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed, all of which are crucial for an assassin’s success. In the first tier of the Assassin emblem, selecting Rupture is highly recommended. This grants you additional adaptive penetration, which allows your attacks to bypass the defenses of your targets more effectively. By penetrating their armor, you can ensure your blows land with maximum impact, dealing significant damage and increasing your chances of securing kills.

Moving to the second tier, Weapons Master proves to be an invaluable choice. This tier provides additional physical attack, which synergizes with your equipment, emblem, and skills. The added physical attack further strengthens your offensive capabilities, enabling you to unleash devastating combos that can swiftly eliminate enemy heroes and turn the tide of battle in your favor. In the final tier of the Assassin emblem, the recommended selection is Lethal Ignition. This powerful ability empowers you to inflict adaptive damage when you deal damage exceeding seven percent of the target’s maximum HP three times within a five-second window. This skill rewards precise timing and calculated aggression, allowing you to deal substantial damage to enemies who underestimate your abilities.

By strategically choosing and upgrading the Assassin emblem, you can maximize your hero’s potential as a formidable assassin. These emblem enhancements provide the necessary tools for you to swiftly and efficiently eliminate high-priority targets, creating opportunities for your team to secure objectives and emerge victorious in the intense battles of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Saber best build

When it comes to playing Saber in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, dealing maximum damage is key to asserting dominance on the battlefield. To achieve this, it is crucial to carefully curate your item build. Once you have acquired your Boots, there are several key items to consider for optimal damage output. Firstly, Hunter Strike or War Axe are excellent choices. These items provide unique abilities and offer strong offensive potential, allowing you to quickly burst down enemies and capitalize on your combo. The additional benefits of these items, such as cooldown reduction or bonus damage, further enhance your overall effectiveness. Next, acquiring Blade of the Heptaseas is a priority. This item significantly boosts your physical penetration, allowing you to penetrate enemy defenses and deal substantial damage. With this item in your arsenal, you can effectively shred through even the toughest opponents, making them vulnerable to your relentless assault.

For a massive boost in physical attack and additional movement speed, consider purchasing Blade of Despair. This item serves as a game-changer, amplifying your damage potential and enabling you to swiftly maneuver across the battlefield. The increased movement speed not only enhances your mobility but also grants you the ability to chase down fleeing enemies or make a quick escape when needed. To round out your item build, options such as Endless Battle, Sea Halberd, or Rose Gold Meteor should be considered based on the specific circumstances you find yourself in. These items offer a range of benefits, from additional damage and lifesteal to anti-healing effects, allowing you to adapt to different scenarios and optimize your performance.

In the late game, survivability becomes increasingly important. If you feel the need to improve your ability to withstand enemy assaults, consider investing in defensive items like Immortality or other appropriate defensive options. These items can provide a much-needed layer of protection, ensuring your longevity in team fights and allowing you to continue dealing damage without interruption. By meticulously selecting and adjusting your item build, you can unleash Saber’s full potential and become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Balancing damage output with survivability will help you dominate your opponents, secure kills, and lead your team to victory in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The best build for Saber in Mobile Legends

  • Warrior Boots (Ice Retribution if you’re a jungler) (Dire Hit blessing if you’re a roamer)
  • Hunter Strike
  • Blade of the Heptaseas
  • Malefic Roar
  • Blade of Despair
  • Endless Battle

Easy skill combos to learn

In the early game of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, whether you assume the role of a jungler or laner, mastering the use of Saber’s abilities is crucial for success. To optimize your gameplay during this phase, it’s recommended to utilize a combination of Orbiting Swords and Charge to enhance your basic attacks. When reaching level four and ready to unleash Saber’s deadly combo, timing and sequence are key. Begin by casting Orbiting Swords, which will provide you with additional damage and control over your opponents. Follow up by utilizing Charge to swiftly close the gap between you and your target, ensuring you’re within optimal range for your attacks. Finally, activate Triple Sweep, Saber’s ultimate ability, to unleash a devastating assault and eliminate the enemy.

If you’ve selected Execute as your battle spell, it can serve as a useful tool to secure kills when your opponent survives the combo. Execute deals true damage, making it an effective finishing move to eliminate low-health enemies and secure important kills for your team. To enhance your targeting precision, consider using the Hero Lock Mode or enabling the Closest Target option within the Targeting Priority settings. These settings help ensure that your skills hit the intended targets consistently, allowing you to focus your efforts on priority targets and maximize your impact in team fights.

In addition to mastering Saber’s abilities, strategic positioning can also play a crucial role in your success. Utilizing the element of surprise by hiding in bushes and launching sudden attacks can catch opponents off guard, providing you with a significant advantage in skirmishes and potentially securing quick kills. By mastering these techniques and utilizing Saber’s skills with precision, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield, exerting control over your enemies and leading your team to victory in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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