LPL Spring 2024 Preview

LPL Spring 2024 signifies the initiation of a fresh League of Legends season in China. A total of 17 teams will partake in the tournament, and it has become a recurring pattern for a representative from this region to emerge as either the champion or the runner-up in almost every World Championship. Generally, the teams that establish dominance in the LPL tend to carry that momentum into the World Championships and MSI.

Scheduled to run from January 22 to April 20, LPL Spring 2024 will provide us with three months of high-quality LoL matches. The burning question remains: which team will rise to the top this time?

Expectations for the LPL in spring 2024

In the year 2024, Weibo will be entering the League of Legends scene with a revamped lineup. Their top laner and jungler have departed from the team, making way for new recruits from Any’s Legend. It’s worth noting that Weibo had a disappointing performance last season in the LPL, finishing near the bottom of the rankings. As a result, it would be unrealistic to expect any miraculous turnaround from them this year. In fact, there is a possibility that they might struggle to even secure a spot within the top 10 teams. Nevertheless, only time will reveal the true outcome of their efforts.

On the other hand, the spotlight falls on the two powerhouses of the 2023 season: JD Gaming and Bilibili Gaming. These teams showcased their prowess by reaching the MSI Grand Finals and delivering strong performances throughout both splits, ultimately claiming the first-place position. JDG, in particular, emerged victorious in both splits, setting high expectations for their future endeavors.

The core members of JDG’s roster have largely remained intact, with the addition of new players likely intended to intensify competition within the team. Notably, the presence of Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk, Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyuk, and Lan “Lzq” Ziki still poses a significant threat to their opponents, as they have opted to continue their journey with JDG.

Start of the new LPL Spring 2024 Season

What makes JDG’s roster intriguing is the inclusion of highly skilled South Korean players, bringing a new dynamic to the team. While the region emphasizes the development of local talent, it’s becoming increasingly common for teams to enlist foreign players in their ranks, showcasing the global nature of competitive League of Legends.

Meanwhile, Bilibili Gaming took a more conventional approach in assembling their roster. They managed to secure the services of JDG’s formidable mid laner, Zhuo “Knight” Ding, and also bolstered their support role with the addition of Zuo “LvMao” Minghao, formerly from Royal Never Give Up. These strategic moves have the potential to tip the scales in Bilibili Gaming’s favor, providing them with a competitive edge in the upcoming season.

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