Patch 14.2 will bring a new atmosphere to League of Legends

While everyone is rediscovering League of Legends with the start of the new season, developers are already preparing Patch 14.2. This time, the changes are focused on the ranking system.

League of Legends continues to evolve and transform with each new patch. The release of version 14.2 will be no exception to the rule. One of the important additions will be an event called “Fighters of Souls,” which will bring something new and exciting to Riot’s creation. The developer has put in all efforts to create this new mode with built-in elements reminiscent of a “Soul Tournament.”

New Patch 14.2 is coming soon

As part of this event, Riot has introduced Arena, a completely new game mode that promises even more diversity within League of Legends. The new champion, Naafiri, aims to become the undisputed leader of the Rift, and we eagerly anticipate how she will change the current meta.

But that is not all. Patch 14.2 also marks the beginning of Split 2. Here are the important things to keep an eye on:

  • The preseason ranked reset is an opportunity to start anew and strive for new heights in ranked play.
  • The start time of the ranked games is something to plan for, so you don’t miss out on anything important.
  • New changes in ranked play include the addition of a new Emerald tier to further differentiate skill levels.

We’ll also see balance changes in this week’s patch, which include:

  • Increased takeaway potential in the top lane
  • Reducing early jungle gank power
  • Adjusting the mobility of bots in the top lane.

Additionally, there have been quality enhancements and tweaks made to champions such as Zyra, Xerath, and Lissandra, just to highlight a few. Each update is carefully crafted to achieve a more balanced and equitable gaming experience for all players.

Champions Updates

Skill Changes

In an effort to establish a well-balanced battle arena, Riot has acknowledged Cassiopeia’s dominance, particularly in relation to her E ability. Consequently, the bonus damage factor has been decreased from 0.6 to 0.45. Additionally, adjustments have been made to the healing coefficient, which has been modified from 0.16 on the fifth scale to 0.12. These alterations aim to provide more opportunities for various champions to shine in the arena, fostering a more dynamic gaming environment.

Another instance of adjustment involves Kai’Sa, whose passive damage on hit has been reduced by 50%. This significant change has the potential to redefine her role within the game. Furthermore, the damage inflicted by her passive ability has been decreased from 15% to 10% of the target’s missing health per 100 AP.

Kog’Maw and Kindred have also undergone notable modifications. Kog’Maw’s W bonus magic damage, scaled as a percentage of the target’s maximum health, has been reduced, affecting his scaling potential and late-game power. On the other hand, Kindred has experienced a reduction in W On-Hit Damage, which may alter their behavior during combat and pursuit of targets.

These examples of skill adjustments exemplify a clear commitment to fostering a more equitable and engaging gaming experience.

Changes by indicators

We have implemented several adjustments to the game’s statistics to ensure a fairer and more enjoyable experience for all players. One notable change is the modification of LP gain. Specifically, for players at the Emerald level and above, the LP gain per game has been reduced from 25 to approximately 20. This adjustment acknowledges the varying skill levels at higher ranks and aims to maintain a balanced progression for players.

We have recently made updates to the placement system in Ranked Matching, specifically with new players in mind. The goal is to accurately match players with their true skill level right from the beginning, creating a more satisfying progression curve for newcomers.

Additionally, we have taken note of the significant impact that items like Blue Buff and Red Buff can have on the performance of certain champions. In order to promote greater diversity in champion selection and avoid monotony, we have made adjustments to reduce the strength of these buffs. Our aim is to maintain a dynamic gameplay experience where all champions have an equal opportunity to showcase their unique strengths.

Furthermore, Riot has decided to remove the True Damage Emblem bonus from the Blind effect. This decision was made in order to strike a balance between the item’s attractiveness and the strategic implications it brings to the game.

The following table shows some of the latest stat adjustments:

Item/ChampionPrevious statisticsNew meaning
Cassiopeia E Healing Rate0,160,12
Kai’Sa Passive 5th Stack Damage15% of target’s missing health10% of target’s missing health
Kog’Maw W Bonus Magic Damage3.37%-5.6% of target’s maximum health2.27%-5.5% of target’s maximum health
Kindred W Damage on hit25%-45% + 20 bonus AD10%-25% + 20 AP
LP Gain (Emerald Level+)25 per gameAbout 20 per game
True Damage Emblem BonusBonus to True DamageNo bonus

Item Updates

New items

With the commencement of Season 2024, Riot has seized the opportunity to revamp the support item quest system. Previous iterations lacked customization and depth in terms of build options. Although they possessed general strength, they failed to provide a satisfactory impact for certain champions or playstyles. To address this predicament, a new universal support item has been introduced, encompassing five distinct branches. This allows players to select from a variety of passives, broadening the scope of support items to cater to a wider array of champions and playstyles.

These changes aim to infuse the renewal process with excitement and potency. Notably, these upgrades are intended to be substantial, as they are typically acquired after obtaining the first item. This phase, often referred to as the one-and-a-half stage power surge, is purposely designed to create a window in the early to mid game where supports experience a significant surge in power, enabling them to make a pronounced impact on the outcome of the match.

Adjustments to existing items

We deeply value the input and feedback from our players, and as a result, our dedicated development team has taken the time to carefully analyze the latest patch data and community responses. With your concerns in mind, we have made significant adjustments to the item lineup to address the issues you’ve raised.

In this update, our primary focus has been on enhancing the power of AP items to ensure they provide a more impactful and satisfying gameplay experience. We understand the importance of item versatility and have introduced new abilities to offer players greater flexibility in their strategic choices.

To create a more balanced playing field, we have made adjustments to the strength of the Blue Buff and Red Buff, which had previously been dominant factors in the success of certain champions. However, we have also taken care to consider the unique needs of individual champions, such as Ahri, who has undergone a slight reduction in attack speed to maintain overall equilibrium.

Furthermore, we have carefully examined the impact of the Emblem of True Damage on the power dynamics of Spatula, as it had unintended consequences, including the growing popularity of the Open Fortifier strategy during the early priority on the Carousel. Our ultimate goal is to foster a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all players, and these adjustments reflect our ongoing commitment to achieving that objective.

We are of the opinion that these modifications have the potential to enhance enthusiasm for gaming, much like how online casinos generate thrill and amusement. For individuals seeking to explore similar exhilaration beyond the realm of gaming, we suggest visiting to compare various online casinos. Additionally, we have decided to eliminate the Bling Bonus, which provides extra True Damage, from the True Damage Emblem. However, players will still enjoy the benefits of the foundational casting bonus.

Adaptive helmetArmor/MP: 35 -> 40
Destructive gazeBonus AP: 15 -> 20
Staff of the ArchangelsAP in 5 seconds: 25 -> 30
BloodthirsterNow also grants 15 AP

The following items have been removed to provide more variety and balance to the gameplay:

  1. Relic Shield
  2. Targon’s Buckler
  3. Steel Shoulderguards
  4. Runesteel Spaulders
  5. Spellthief’s Edge
  6. Frostfang
  7. Spectral Sickle
  8. Harrowing Crescent

The rules for Headliners in the store have been adjusted to prevent frustrating situations where you can’t get three stars on your reroll, and to make it harder for quality 4 and 5 champions to get three stars.

Card balance

The recent Patch 14.2 in League of Legends brought about significant changes to the game map, particularly in relation to ganking possibilities and river dominance. The central area of the river has undergone a slight shift towards the jungle, resulting in even more intense skirmishes for players, thereby introducing intriguing dynamics in terms of team strategies and overall game control.

Furthermore, a deeper level of strategy emerges when securing greater control over the river becomes crucial for successful ganks. This places heightened demands on players, requiring heightened game awareness and the ability to analyze the flow of the game effectively.

Error correction

Riot Games is introducing critical improvements to the quality and stability of League of Legends with the release of Update 14.2. Several important bug fixes have been implemented to enhance the gameplay experience. Firstly, an irritating bug that caused Yorick’s ghouls and his Maiden’s basic attack to malfunction has been resolved. This issue caused frustration among affected players, but Yorick will now function as intended.

Ranked players also have a reason to rejoice. The problem that displayed an incorrect number of ranked matches played on the end screen after a ranking reset has been rectified. The correction will take effect at the beginning of Split 2, ensuring accurate information for all participants.

Within the Player Character category, fixes have been implemented to address issues such as Ivern’s W ability randomly activating on buildings and Samira being able to re-cast Q during the cooldown after a passive attack. These fixes promote fair play and remove unexpected complications.

Moreover, visual improvements have been made to enhance the overall game experience. For instance, various issues with Ivern’s visual effects (VFX) have been resolved, contributing to a more realistic gameplay environment. Additionally, a bug where JakSho could accumulate stacks of Voidborn Resilience even after the user’s death has been eliminated.

Furthermore, visibility and interaction issues have been identified and resolved. Bard’s bells are now visible to enemies, addressing a previous problem, and incorrect activations for champions like Teemo and Kindred have been rectified.These changes aim to create a more transparent and enjoyable League of Legends experience for all players.

The bug fixes go beyond these examples, as various minor bugs have also been addressed. These fixes encompass unique voices, champion animations, core ability mechanics, and passive effects. Our ongoing commitment to gameplay improvement ensures that each patch delivers the best possible gaming experience in League of Legends.

Upcoming changes in 14.3

The dynamics of the game are expected to undergo changes, particularly in the Jungle, regarding the population of monsters. While Update 14.2 introduced different types of barons and monsters, Update 14.3 will focus on fine-tuning them to achieve a balance that promotes both more enjoyable and fairer matches. It is anticipated that small yet significant adjustments will be made, impacting ganking and farming strategies alike.

The extensive item adjustments, exceeding 100 changes, in Update 14.2 have brought about a significant revamp of item builds. This trend is likely to continue as Riot Games’ developers highly value player feedback and are expected to further refine items to foster greater diversity in playable characters and strategies.

In terms of Lane Dynamics, we anticipate the introduction of new maneuvers to deepen the tactical aspect of the game. Swift adaptation to these changes will be crucial in maintaining an advantage in every match, and we eagerly look forward to sharing the most effective tactics as they emerge.

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