League of Legends Patch 10.13 official notes: Yuumi is dead

Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends Mark Yetter has already revealed the details of the next Patch 10.13. Those details are not yet final, but they give us a close view of how this new version will change the current meta.


As we saw in the Patch Preview, the strongest rune of the current meta, Conqueror, will finally be nerfed. The increase of max stacks and the decrease of the adaptive damage per stack will change a lot of things in our games since this rune was being used successfully by a lot of champs.

Two items will also be nerfed: Death’s Dance, just the stored damage for ranged, and the Guardian, whose shield base notably decreases.

Nerfed champs:

Riot has adjusted some of the strongest champs in the current meta. Their victims are mainly bot-laner champions, like Aphelios, who is receiving nerfs almost every Patch and this time gets a hard nerf on his ultimate’s critical bonus.

Kind of the same thing is happening to Kalista, which will be less powerful in the late-game when the new version comes.

Syndra and Cassiopeia, two of the strongest AP champs in the current meta, will suffer a bit more, but will probably keep destroying enemies and being nice flex-picks.

Ornn will also be less strong in late-game, but his nerf is nothing compared with Yuumi’s nerf.

‘The Magical Cat’ has been very strong since its release, but probably its biggest strength has always been the huge amount of healing it could do in seconds.

The numbers given by Mark Yetter don’t give a good view of how big this nerf is: E mana cost 100-160 >>> 40-60 +15% of Yuumi’s max mana. But Euronics Gaming Head Coach ‘‘Realistik’ provided a detailed list that shows how Riot Games have killed Yuumi:

The mana cost of Yummi’s ‘E’ can be almost double than before at level 10…

Buffed champs:

No crimes have been committed here. Riot Games have actually been very accurate with these buffs. Ryze and Gnar have been pretty forgotten lately and they really needed to be a bit stronger.

The same thing happens with Yorick and Vi, and a very useful buff that Patch 10.13 will bring is the Nocturne Jungle buff, which will help to clean jungle camps faster so Nocturne can be more useful in early-game.

The bot-lane is compensated by a couple of buffs to two-already-strong champs: Lucian and Rakan. Both strong, but left apart due to the crazy meta we are living in.


As we also saw in the Patch Preview, the next version will bring us the chance to Report and Mute during Champ Select, and will also provide new AP Offbuilds, as we can see in Mark Yetter’s list.

This Patch 10.13 will not be available until next week, so Riot Games still have time to adjust or change anything from these notes. Will Yuumi be lucky?