Rekkles showed off new tattoos on his legs and arms

Rekkles, the beloved former bot laner of Karmine Corp, has made an exhilarating comeback to the highly anticipated 2023 LEC season, accompanied by a stunning collection of fresh tattoos that truly showcase his unique personality.

Reuniting with his old stomping grounds at Fnatic, the organization that witnessed his extraordinary rise to fame and fortune, Rekkles joins forces with his former teammate and esteemed top laner, Martin “Wunder” Hansen. Together, they are joined by the talented support player Rúben “Rhuckz” Barbosa, the ingenious jungler Iván “Razork” Martín Díaz, and the formidable mid laner Marek “Humanoid” Brázda, forming a formidable lineup that promises an exciting season ahead.

New Rekkles tattoos

Rekkles, known for his engaging presence on social media, has tantalized fans with sneak peeks of his vibrant tattoo collection. During a blissful summer retreat in picturesque Croatia in 2022, he took to Twitter to unveil his latest ink masterpiece—a series of captivating blacked-out sleeves, chest, and back tattoos that artfully conceal his previous works, including the iconic “Rekkles” inscription that adorned his right arm.

Delighting fans even further, Rekkles recently shared an enchanting update in December 2022, offering an intimate glimpse into his leg tattoos. The intricate designs, seamlessly blending both the front and back, form a mesmerizing and cohesive art piece that truly reflects his artistic spirit.

With his return to the LEC and his stunning tattoo collection on full display, Rekkles continues to inspire fans with his unwavering passion for the game and his unique expression of self through the art of tattoos.

During the sun-drenched days of summer in 2022, Rekkles, the enigmatic bot laner, radiated confidence and charm as he posed poolside. A mere towel, a pair of stylish sunglasses, and an endearing Kirby hat were his chosen attire, but it was his adorned physique that truly captured attention. With each ripple and contour on display, Rekkles proudly showcased his toned abs, sculpted arms, and well-defined chest, all gloriously adorned with a mesmerizing tapestry of new tattoos.

Tattoos on the legs, as well as sleeves, chest and back

His arms, now works of art in their own right, were fully immersed in a dark symphony of ink from top to bottom. A captivating centerpiece adorned his chest—a resolute hooded female visage with closed eyes, evoking the ethereal summoners of League of Legends, the renowned game by Riot Games. A seamless continuation of this artistic narrative led to his back, which became a canvas for three enigmatic, genderless faces. Positioned in a triangular formation, their eyes glowed with an otherworldly luminescence, their intricate details etched in various shades of black ink.

In a tantalizing update shared in December 2022, Rekkles offered a glimpse into the next chapter of his tattoo odyssey. Intricate outlines graced his hip and back, hinting at the forthcoming infusion of vibrant colors that would breathe life into these interconnected designs. The same awe-inspiring angular theme, likely the result of collaboration with a skilled artist, gracefully cascaded down to his legs, where yet another feminine face emerged on his right upper thigh, adding another layer of depth to his ever-evolving tapestry.

Long before his current metamorphosis, Rekkles had become a legend in the gaming world, renowned for his trademark “Rekkles” tattoo adorning his right forearm. This iconic symbol accompanied him on his journey through the LEC and prestigious international events like Worlds 2018, etching his name into the annals of esports history. By 2019, as he continued to compete under the banner of Fnatic, his arms transformed into a gallery of intricate sleeves, each an embodiment of artistic ingenuity that seamlessly melded with his original forearm design.

However, the winds of change blew fiercely, and when Rekkles embraced the G2 Esports family in 2021, he made a bold statement. His once intricate sleeves, once a testament to meticulous detail, were transformed into a striking tapestry of solid black ink. This dramatic metamorphosis not only marked a new era in his aesthetic expression but also symbolized his unwavering commitment to embracing the unexpected and embracing the ever-shifting tides of personal style.

As Rekkles continues to evolve both as a player and as an individual, his tattoos stand as testaments to his journey, each stroke of ink capturing a fragment of his story and showcasing his unyielding spirit of self-expression.

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