How to jungle invade in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), the multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA), is one of the best online games that gathered a huge fanbase that is still growing. Hence, players have to elaborate new strategies and adjust their old ones to increase the chances to win. One of the common ways to assure victory is to stop your opponents in the early game. 

The jungler is a very important yet challenging position in the game, who plays a vital role in the fight. Invading jungles with the right champions is the best early-game strategy, however it can be hard to pull off, and usually players are requested for a pre-made team. That is why jungle invasion is more popular among pro leagues than in classic or ranked games. 

Nevertheless, it is a great strategy to learn and try. So, if you are interested, here is a brief explanation of how to jungle invade, and also some tips to play the jungler in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 

What is the jungle invade strategy in Mobile Legends?

The main purpose of jungle invasion is to steal the Turtle or the Lord buff from your opponents early in the game. On the one hand, your enemies lose their momentum, which makes it difficult for them to complete their core points. On the other hand, the jungle becomes available for rotation after completing the purposes, which gives a huge tactical advantage to your team. 

Jungle invasion is usually done by roamers or midlaners, that means you must find the best-performing ones. 

Top 5 tips to play the jungler in MLBB

  1. The enemy will try to delay you or steal your buff

As mentioned earlier, a jungler is the best part of the victory in Mobile Legends, so if the jungler is delayed or dominated from the very beginning, the game is as good as lost. 

You, as a jungler role, should also be able to deal the last hit to creep with the retribution spell. With the mindset that your enemy can invade, you can play safely from the start and play well for the rest of the game.

  1. Keep ganking lanes and get kills

As the jungler is the carry for the team, he is the one who needs money to purchase items. Killing opponents can give you bulks of gold, and items make the hero stronger.

It is necessary to look for kills and gank other lanes to get the kills and kill the golden crab that spawns on both sides of the map to get more gold as well. So, if you have enough kills, you will be able to make the game easier to win for your team in MLBB.

  1. Prioritize objectives

Though getting kills is important, it doesn’t mean you win the battle. Your main mission is to destroy the enemy base by demolishing their turret, and other objectives are taking the Turtle and the Lord.

You must always be there to secure the Turtle and the Lord kill. Since you have the most damage against it and you have the retribution, you should be there, the Lord and Turtle spawn. You have to utilize your time by jungling, killing enemies, helping in destroying the current, and killing the Lord and the Turtle.

  1. You are the main target

Keep in mind, as Jungler, you are the one who carries the game, so obviously you are the one who gets targeted the most. Enemy will try to focus on you first all the time. 

They will use their skills to kill you first. So you must proceed in a team fight by keeping your safety first. If you die, your team has more chances to lose the game. That’s why you can use your tank to soak up the enemy skills and ultimate. 

  1. Never give up

Sometimes when you play, you may have bad teammates and a bad start, e.g. when the enemy keeps invading your buff and doesn’t let you jungle, and they keep dominating your team.

The one thing you should do as an MLBB jungler is to play the match patiently. Wait for the right time. You are the carry, and if you give up, your teammates will do as well. You may get a chance when the enemy throws the game, and you can capitalize on that. Until the moment comes, you must keep your farm relatively high.