How the quarter-finals at BB Dacha Dubai 2024 went

The BetBoom Dacha Dubai  2024 tournament started successfully for the Chinese teams. Both LGD Gaming and Xtreme Gaming won their groups and looked very strong against each opponent.

In a BO2 format, they didn’t lose a single match. Their results were as follows:

  • LGD Gaming: 1 Win – 4 Draws – 0 Losses
  • Xtreme Gaming: 3 Wins – 2 Draws – 0 Losses

These results made everyone think that they would be the favorites in the playoffs. However, in the upper bracket quarterfinals, things turned out differently, and both teams lost.

The only Chinese team that won at this stage was Azure Ray. And they did it quite unexpectedly against the favorites, Team Liquid. To put everything in perspective, in 2023, the Europeans were in the top 3 of the global rankings, and their mid laner (Nisha) even won the Solo tournament at this event. It seems that fy understands the current meta-game better than anyone else.

LGD Gaming vs BetBoom Team: 0 – 2

LGD experimented with a Luna and Pangolier strategy, and later switched to a Mirana-Ember Spirit strategy in this match. However, BetBoom’s draft simply scaled better into the late game, while their team’s movements and decision-making were incredibly precise during the crucial moments of the game. Dealing with heroes like Slark, Invoker, Sven, and DK after the 30-minute mark is not an ideal situation that any team would want to face.

Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators: 0 – 2

The Grand Finals of TI12 were a fantastic rematch. However, this time around, the Gladiators came much better prepared. They opted for reliable and slippery carries like Sven, Lone Druid, Slark, and the ever-present Pangolier. What’s most intriguing is that they secured their victories with surprising ease, even against Yatoro and his Faceless Void. Both matches concluded in under 35 minutes, indicating that Spirit were simply outplayed and overwhelmed.

Xtreme Gaming vs Team Falcons: 0 – 2

The Falcons seemed to have slim chances right from the start of the series. Their opponents had just won Group B, boasting one of China’s finest carries in the form of Ame.

Thanks to some truly clever drafting and strategic map movements, they extended both matches into the ultra-late game stage, where they emerged victorious due to the presence of powerful heroes and synergistic combinations, such as Slark, Zeus, Magnus – Juggernaut, and Storm Spirit.

Team Liquid vs Azure Ray: 1 – 2

Liquid appeared somewhat clumsy, building their strategy around the late game. Their tactic with Morphling in the first game completely backfired, while their strategy with Faceless Void in the final game failed primarily due to a lack of damage. What’s the point of picking this hero if you pair him with three other melee heroes?

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