Review of the match Spirit – Gladiators BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dota 2

Spirit suffered a defeat against Gladiators in the first match of the upper bracket in the BetBoom Dacha tournament. This loss ended their record-breaking undefeated streak of 35 consecutive wins. How did this happen?

After an incredible winning streak, Spirit failed to secure a single victory. The first match against Nouns was relatively easy, but from then on, every game became a typical “Dragons” drama. We witnessed the intense duel between Yatoro and Ame, the classic showdown against BetBoom, and the high-stakes game against Bzm in the final group match. There were plenty of reasons for Spirit fans to be concerned!

What happened to Team Spirit, have they lost their form?

Spirit’s significant decline was evident even during the ESL tournament qualifiers. The team appeared uncertain and gave away maps to opponents that a Tier-1 team in their right mind wouldn’t concede to, such as NAVI and Yellow Submarine. Everything seemed to slip through their fingers in the series against Gladiators. However, it’s worth noting the clever approach they found against Spirit.

And the approach couldn’t have been simpler: standard five-man engagements countering Enigma. Interestingly, the least expected candidate, Seleri, picked Enigma in both maps. Prior to this encounter, Seleri had only played the hero twice, and both matches resulted in losses. But here, he suddenly excelled and dominated!

Good game from Durachya

Fool’s gameplay was also impressive – as always, he aggressively charged into enemies, brazenly attacked, and mercilessly tore apart Sven and Slark. The pivotal teamfight in the second map rested solely on Anton’s shoulders. He swiftly eliminated Rasta, forced Yatoro to Chronosphere his own teammates using Kiritych’s method, and didn’t let anyone escape.

Fool’s good performance seems to be the result of a new approach to the game. It appears that Shkredov has been training even harder, taking pub matches more seriously, and engaging in fewer media activities. The results speak for themselves.

Furthermore, Quinn gets his best hero, Pangolier, in two consecutive maps. What can you expect in such a situation? It’s a game-changer. Of course, there are more important bans to consider: Doom, Dragon Knight, Timbersaw, Chen, Enchantress. But that’s where the strength of the Gladiators lies: even with the desire to ban all dangerous signature heroes, there won’t be enough bans. As a result, Quinn gets Pangolier, and Ace gets Lone Druid in the first map – what can you do against them?

And the final clash in the game was a work of art. Remember the cliché about the “symphony of skills”?

The final records: 21 consecutive wins and 35 undefeated streaks. It seems like they will remain eternal. And there are still decent chances for Spirit to make a comeback in the lower bracket at Dacha. Will they succeed?

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