Rivalry and Blacklist International Extend Partnership in Dota 2

Esports bookmaker Rivalry and Tier One Entertainment-owned esports organization Blacklist International have announced the renewal of their partnership in the dynamic world of Dota 2.

As part of the agreement, the two companies will continue their collaboration in managing the highly competitive Southeast Asian Dota 2 team, Blacklist Rivalry.

The renewed partnership aims to enhance the fan experience by focusing on “creative storytelling” and engaging activations. This includes exciting opportunities for fans to meet their favorite players, the production of new episodes for Blacklist Rivalry’s behind-the-scenes docuseries called UnRivaled, and the inclusion of interactive experiences during Dota 2 events.

Tier One Entertainment Enters the Dota 2 Stage

Blacklist Rivalry made its debut in the Dota 2 scene in December 2022 through a partnership with Tier One Entertainment. Since then, the team has achieved notable success by qualifying for two major events: ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 and the Bali Major 2023.

In addition to announcing the renewal of their partnership, Blacklist Rivalry has introduced their new roster for 2024. The roster includes Abed Azel ‘Abed’ L. Yusop, Kim ‘Gabbi’ Santos, Timothy John ‘Tims’ Randrup, Juan ‘Carlo’ Chua Manalo, and Jinn Marrey ‘Palos’ Lamatao.

This marks Blacklist Rivalry’s second collaboration in February 2024. They have teamed up with former professional League of Legends player Filipe ‘Ranger’ Brombilla de Barrios. It’s worth mentioning that Blacklist Invitational is not the only organization involved in joint team operations with the bookmaker. Last year, G2 Esports, a European esports organization, launched a Wild Rift team named G2 Blacklist, which operates in the Philippines.

Blacklist International is better known in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Blacklist International rose to prominence primarily due to its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang division, with their team from the Philippines securing victory in the game’s global championship in 2021.

Tryke Gutierrez, the CEO of Tier One Entertainment, shared his thoughts on the announcement, stating, “As we enter our second year, our focus remains on developing Blacklist Rivalry into an elite team capable of competing with the world’s most skilled squads.”

Gutierrez emphasized the team’s commitment to maintaining a winning culture at Blacklist Rivalry, while Rivalry, their partners, will concentrate on cultivating a devoted fanbase and highlighting the compelling narratives that unfold during their competitions. He expressed gratitude to Rivalry for transforming their dream into a reality.

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