What are League of Legends Runeterra races in Arcane?

“Arcane”, the first animated series produced by Riot Games, is loved by League of Legends players and Netflix watchers. 

It includes plenty of well-known characters from the MOBA title, as well as races from the fantasy universe of Runeterra.

Arcane is set against the backdrop of Piltover and Zaun, two related but very different cities, and follows the evolving connection between the sisters Jinx and Vi. A wide cast of people from various races can be found behind these walls. 

Let’s dive into all the races that exist in this universe. 

Full list of League of Legends Runeterra races that can be found in Arcane

  • Human
  • Yordle
  • Golem
  • Vastaya
  • Poro
  • Cyborg
  • Brackern


Adaptable, intelligent, and numerous, the most predominant race of Runeterra continues to spread all over Runeterra, establishing all sorts of civilizations.

Standing on a bridge during a battle between Piltover and Zaun, Vander, Jinx, and Vi open the Arcane series in Act 1 Episode 1 “Welcome to the Playground”. In fact, all of the primary characters — Jinx, Vi, Jayce, Viktor, and Caitlyn — are human for now.


Vi, Jinx, Mylo, and Claggor come back to the city of Zaun after the heist and bloody brawl with Silco’s guys. Spectators will have a chance to see the underground city for the first time. Compared to the sparkling Piltover, Zaun is dark and messy, and full of unusual characters. 

Outside the unidentified brothel with neon lights and prowling men and women, you will see Babette, the first Yordle you will meet, a race with a diminutive stature and sharp ears. She wears heavy blue eyeshadow and a crown of fiery red hair. In Act 2 Episode 5, viewers will find that Babette is the lady in charge of the place.  

In Act 1 Episode 2, a new Yordle character will appear. His name is Heimerdinger, he is a wise scientist and the creator of Piltover. 

Yordles are the race that takes the form of mammalian bipeds in the Runeterra universe and is primarily found in Bandle City, though they have left their mark in other places as well.


The grey creature with glowing blue eyes is especially adored among jungle mains and literally sits next to a plethora of Easter eggs. Shown on screen for only a few seconds, it’s immediately clear that it is a shrieking baby Krug. They are a jungle camp on Summoner’s Rift, awarding players with gold and experience points when killed in-game. 

Traditional Runeterra lore describes Krugs as a magical fusion of plants, animals, and rock that are indigenous to Valoran, a continent that also includes Demacia, Noxus, and Freljord.

Other Golem subspecies are mechanical rather than “natural”. Councilman Bolbok, a significant robot in the show, makes his debut in Act 1 Episode 2. He mentions that his race was nearly demolished by Arcane magic during the trial, and was therefore opposed to Jayce manipulating the Hextech crystal.


Act 2 Episode 4 begins with a Progress Day ceremony in Piltover after the opening credits have finished playing. Festival music is playing and children are having fun at the fair. Few minutes later viewers are able to see a councilwoman Mrs Kiramann, speaking to a small group that includes the Vastaya. 

According to Riot Games description as “mystical, chimeric beings, neither mortal nor genuinely immortal”, it is a Runeterran race that derived from Vastayashai’rei, shape-shifters who can control the natural world. 

As a result, no two Vastaya are alike. They have traits from both humans and animals, with heads that resemble goats or birds. For example, Xayah and Rakan were the first Vastaya couple to be released in-game. 


He is adorable, fluffy, white and lively. Everyone falls in love with him at first sight. Heimerdinger’s pet Poro is presented in Act 2 Episode 4 when he enters Jacye and Viktor’s lab, and it brings nothing but pure joy to Netflix viewers.

Poros are mysterious beings that can be found throughout Runeterra, originally from the icy region of Freljord. 


League of Legends fans know that even if Viktor hasn’t fully transformed into a cyborg in Arcane Act 2, it’s only a matter of time before he defaults back to Zaun. In Episode 4, you will be able to see his artificial arm and the Hexcore that will save his life. Daddy, guide us through the progress of technology. (And Warwick, probably).


It has been more than ten years since Skarner, a Brackern, joined the LoL roster, however it wasn’t until Seraphine made her debut in October 2020 that the out-of-meta jungler got greater attention. Why did the community animosity for Seraphine grow? Because the champion voice lines she originally recorded for the game included the following: “I miss your type too Skarner, want to hear their song?” 

Hextech crystals are not inert objects. As per the League of Legends lore, the Brackern merged with these mystical gems containing the living memories and thoughts of their ancestors. They are the Brackern’s life source and existence. 

Seraphine is one of the characters among few others who is able to hear the cries of the Brackern emanating from these Hextech crystals. She even made fun of Scarner while using them to power her Dance Revolution platform. 

Eventually, Riot Games removed this voice line and even changed Seraphine’s lore in response to criticism from the League of Legends community. Every time we see an Arcane character working with a Hextech crystal, let us all spend a moment in silence remembering the Brackern race.