FaZe Clan confirmed their favorite status

FaZe Clan entered the BLAST Premier Spring Groups as the second strongest team among all participants. At the event, teams were divided into four groups, and it was Karrigan’s team that was considered the clear favorite to win Group B and secure a direct qualification for the BLAST Premier: Spring Final. And the guys did not disappoint their fans.

FaZe Clan received favorite status

However, they had to fight much harder for their success than many expected. Their first match turned out to be a complete disappointment. Despite playing against a significantly weaker opponent, they lost the match with a score of 2-0. GamerLegion emerged victorious with scores of 13-11 and 16-13.

This result did not occur because FaZe played poorly. Except for frozen, who lagged slightly behind and finished the series with a score of 26-34, the rest played quite well.

As for GamerLegion, several players showcased exceptional performances. Snax, volt, and acoR secured many impressive rounds, and it can be confidently said that the guys were heavily focused on their first game in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups.

FaZe Clan’s path to victory

After that initial defeat, FaZe had to win three consecutive matches to advance to the BLAST Premier Spring Final.

Their first victim in the lower bracket was Team Spirit. The match turned out to be a complete rout for the dragons: 13-4 on Anubis and 13-4 on Nuke. Frozen fully redeemed himself here, playing incredibly well and deservedly racking up 42-18 in kills/deaths with a KD ratio of 2.02. It was just no contest, almost like a solo performance.

In the next match, FaZe took revenge for their defeat in the upper bracket against GamerLegion:

  • 5 – 13 (Ancient)
  • 16 – 12 (Overpass)
  • 5 – 13 (Inferno)

It’s evident that the karrigan-led team learned a lot from their first match and were determined not to repeat the same mistakes. This time, the standout player was ropz, who finished the match with an impressive score of 54-35 / 1.42.

In their mini grand-final, FaZe had to go up against Team Liquid. The scores speak for themselves: 11-13 on Nuke and 9-13 on Mirage.

Twistzz played well and ended the match with a score of 38-33. However, most of his teammates were not performing at the same level. They needed to show similar performances to defeat such a strong opponent. Skullz had the worst performance among all players (23-37), but it was the experienced NAF who also struggled (24-34). It’s quite surprising that FaZe lost so many rounds when Liquid had two players who were more of a burden than contributors.

Once again, ropz led the team, but rain had the higher rating 2.0 due to overall statistics. Overall, FaZe is still a top team and rightfully the strongest team in CS2. Let’s see how they perform in the season going forward.

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