Astralis and G2 reached the spring finals of BLAST Premier

Astralis, G2 Esports, BIG, and Team Liquid were the four teams from the BLAST Premier Spring groups that lost their Grand Finals—A, B, C, and D, respectively. They were sent to the Play-in stage to give them one more and final chance to qualify for the BLAST Premier Spring Final.

In this stage, all they needed to do was defeat their opponents and win one Best of 3 (BO3) series out of three matches. Astralis had to play against BIG, while G2 Esports had to face off against Team Liquid. In both cases, the competition was tough, but the favorite ultimately emerged victorious.

Astralis vs BIG (2 – 1)

This match had many incredible rounds. The tension was high, and the viewers absolutely loved it. The score was 12-16 on Vertigo, 13-9 on Overpass, and 16-14 on Ancient. What a thrilling showdown it was between these two strong European teams!

Unexpectedly, Staehr shone brightly for Astralis, finishing the match with an impressive personal score of 60 kills and 50 deaths. Device didn’t have his best game, or perhaps he willingly took on a role that didn’t provide too many opportunities for kills but put him at serious risk of being eliminated. Either way, his score was 39-48, which is quite unusual.

Fortunately for Astralis, BIG had only one player who showcased excellent gameplay: Krimbo. He ended the match with a score of 63-47. Apart from him, it was tough for everyone else to maintain positive statistics.

BIG chose the first map of the match and won it, indicating that they were well-prepared. However, on the other two maps, they couldn’t withstand the firepower of Astralis.

G2 vs Liquid: 2 – 0

This was a classic example of what happens when two strong teams meet, but one of them has much more experience in competitive matches than the other.

G2 simply overwhelmed the strongest players from Liquid, who started to struggle individually under the pressure of their opponent’s strong gameplay and skill. YEKINDAR and Twistzz were careless in their actions and died too early from enemy bullets. In the end, they finished the match with ADR (Average Damage per Round) of 70.2 and 60.2, respectively. Both of them had a negative KD ratio, and overall, none of the Liquid players had a positive KD ratio.

Meanwhile, NiKo and huNter- played really well to achieve the result in favor of G2. M0NESY also made some notable plays, although his performance was more modest than usual.

The scores on the maps were not very close, but Liquid still put up a good fight: 13-10 on Overpass and 13-7 on Anubis.

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