BLAST Premier: Spring Groups: Na’Vi won Group C

The French organization Team Vitality emerged victorious against the Astralis team at the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2024, thereby securing a slot in the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024.

This was the second encounter between the teams in this offline tournament, and in the first instance, Astralis managed to defeat their opponents with a score of 2-1 (Mirage 13-10, Vertigo 6-13, Overpass 13-4) across the maps. However, in their most recent meeting, in a closely contested battle, Team Vitality emerged as the winners.

The French played a full series of three maps

The score remained the same throughout. The French team played a full series of three maps, where even overtimes occurred on one of them:

  1. Inferno 10:13
  2. Mirage 16:14
  3. Nuke 13:6

The sniper of Team Vitality, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, received the MVP award. It is worth acknowledging the efforts of their opponents as well, as Astralis finally showed an interesting game after the disbandment of their legendary lineup.

As a result, Team Vitality secured the 1st-4th place and earned $22,500, along with a slot in the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024. On the other hand, Astralis moved to the Play-in bracket, which will start on January 28th. Their opponent will be the team BIG, who will also be competing for a spot in the spring finals of BLAST.

Natus Vincere destroyed G2 Esports in the match for BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024

The Ukrainian organization Natus Vincere managed to surprise many skeptics who still doubted this revamped lineup without s1mple. The Born to Win silenced all the doubters by easily defeating G2 Esports and securing their spot in the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024. The match took place in the finals of Group C at the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2024. Furthermore, the blad3-led team did it twice, which further proves that the first victory by the yellow and black was not a fluke. The first time NAVI defeated G2 with a score of 2-1 across the maps – 16-12 on Overpass, 10-13 on Inferno, and 13-9 on Anubis.

In the match to qualify for the spring finals of BLAST, Natus Vincere convincingly beat their opponents with a score of 2-0.

  1. Inferno 13:9
  2. Mirage 13:5

NAVI, just like the team mentioned earlier, managed to claim the top spot in Group C and earned the same $22,500 prize money along with an invitation to the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024. However, G2 Esports found themselves in the Play-in bracket, which is set to begin on January 28th. As for the decisive match for G2, today they will be playing in the Play-in bracket against Team Liquid, arguably the strongest representative from the NA scene at the moment.

The BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2024 started on January 22nd in Copenhagen, Denmark, and will conclude today, January 28th. The teams are competing for a prize pool of $190,000 and slots in the main events of the BLAST series.

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