Failure at RMR led NIP to the collapse of the CS team

According to today’s reports, the promising Counter-Strike 2 roster of the Swedish organization NIP, which caused the greatest disappointment in the recent RMR qualification for the Major, has been almost completely disbanded. The organization couldn’t withstand such a significant failure and has taken arguably the most radical measures.

And such news comes just a few days after their unsuccessful attempt to qualify for the PGL Copenhagen Major. The portal HLTV has received corresponding information that the team will seriously reconsider and rebuild its roster before their next appearance at the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, which starts in early March.

NiP are not going to end their CS career

According to available information, NiP will refuse contracts with three players at once. The exit will be indicated:

  1. Patrick “es3tag” Hansen
  2. Christian “k0nfig” Wieneke
  3. Daniil “headtr1ck” Valitov

The good news is that NiP has no plans to shut down this division, as it would be a significant loss for the scene. After all, let’s not forget that NiP nearly made it to the top 8 at the last BLAST CS:GO Paris Major in May of last year. However, things took a turn for the worse after that, with the departure of captain Aleksib to NaVi. The team failed to deliver consistent results in the ESL Pro League Season 18, and they kept getting eliminated from multiple consecutive tournaments, even against teams of varying skill levels.

The rough patch continued into 2024 with problematic qualifications for IEM Chengdu and back-to-back defeats against G2 in the BLAST Spring groups. The failure to qualify for the RMR essentially became the last straw for the team. Fredrik “REZ” Sterner intends to stay with NiP, where he has already spent seven years, alongside Spanish in-game leader Alejandro “alex” Masanet, who joined the team just last November.

Although he didn’t confirm any changes at that time, k0nfig revealed that the atmosphere within the team was very gloomy after their elimination from the RMR.

NiP Magic – long absent from modern CS variation

I think we were just off our game, both as a team and individually,” said k0nfig about NiP’s performance, adding that the team felt pressure after the organization released a controversial video about future plans for the CS roster.

The “NiP Magic” has long been absent from the modern iteration of the Ninjas in Pyjamas CS division. They are no longer the legends that the whole world used to follow. Unfortunately, this is the price that teams pay when they “rejuvenate” organizations. It has been almost three years since NiP’s last Counter-Strike trophy, and with their failure at the RMR, the iconic organization will miss their fourth Major in history.

NiP has to assemble their new roster by March 6th, as that’s when the BLAST Spring Showdown begins. The team may turn to talents from their academy. Obvious candidates could include Max “maxster” Jansson, and another option could be the return of Ludwig “Brollan” Brolin from his loan spell, as he has been with MOUZ since early January. Overall, good players could join this tag, but the key question is whether they can form a true team rather than a mishmash of solo players.

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