Details for the 2024 $500,000 Champion of Champions Tour Global Finals

GRID, the game data platform, has recently unveiled exciting details about the highly anticipated Global Finals of the Champion of Champions Tour (CCT), a prestigious esports circuit exclusively dedicated to Counter-Strike 2. Set to take place from May 16th to 24th, the CCT Global Finals 2024 will be a thrilling online event that will see 16 top-tier teams battle it out for a substantial prize pool of $500,000 (equivalent to approximately £400,000).

Among the participating teams, 11 have earned their spots through their exceptional performance in the CCT Studio Finals and online CCT Finals events. The remaining five teams will receive exclusive invitations, ensuring a competitive lineup of elite talent. While the complete list of invited teams is yet to be announced, fans can expect the official announcement to be made in the coming week. It is worth noting that the team lineup may be subject to change due to potential roster adjustments and unforeseen circumstances.

Champions of Champions Counter-Strike Tour

The Champions of Champions Tour made its debut in the world of Counter-Strike during the summer of 2022. This groundbreaking esports circuit, spanning both the Americas and Europe, was unveiled by a collaboration of prominent entities, including GRID, FACEIT, Eden Esports, Relog Media, Fantyasyexpo, and Black Molly Entertainment. Together with local tournament organizers, they orchestrated a thrilling 18-month-long journey, featuring a series of online cups with a generous prize pool of $1.8 million (~£1.4 million).

The online cups were just the beginning. The tournament then transitioned to the Studio Finals, where 11 electrifying offline events took place. And now, the highly anticipated climax of the CCT circuit is on the horizon—the Global Finals. Scheduled for May of this year, this ultimate showdown promises to captivate fans with its intense competition and unforgettable moments.

Fabian Logemann, the Head of Tournament Operations at GRID, the driving force behind the tournament, expressed his excitement, stating, “The CCT 2022/2023 season was an immense undertaking, and we were incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm from the community, teams, talent, and our partners. We are eagerly anticipating the grand finale—the Global Finals in May. Even though it will be an online event, we are committed to delivering a spectacular show that will crown the true Champion of Champions. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the fans, players, talent, and all our esteemed partners who played a vital role in making the CCT a resounding success!”

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