rOtK announces a short break in an emotional streaming session

Bai “rOtK” Fan, one of the most respected coaches from the Chinese scene, broke down in tears last night during a streaming session where he confirmed that he won’t join Elephant.4AM, nor will he continue his work with Vici Gaming.

rOtK mentioned that at the end of the shuffle period in China he feels “exhausted” and that his “ambition is drained out,” reasons for which he decided to take a break for a while, instead of joining any team. He shared his side of the story regarding his negotiations with Elephant.4AM and asked the fans to not put the blame or fire shots at Yao “357/QQQ” Yi, PSG.LGD former coach, who he said he doesn’t see as his “adversary.” “Don’t praise one and despise the other. There was no voting in the team,” said rOtK.

He explained why he feels that Elephant.4AM stood him up after months of negotiations, during which he declined offers from Vici Gaming, who wanted to continue with him, and from Team Aster.

“My main purpose of going to 4AM was for the achievements. At the beginning of the transfer period, we (4AM and I) reached an agreement on my payment, and both Fy and Maybe helped me talk to them, so I declined Aster and Vici’s offers. In order to show my sincerity, I told them to sign a valuation adjustment mechanism (VAM), saying that I could get the other half of my payment only if we won a Major and the TI. However, they didn’t confirm it. At last, the teammates persuaded me to accept a low salary and to forget about the VAM, I said okay. But, one day, the management crew suddenly told me, “Sorry, our boss doesn’t have a budget for a coach,” rOtK revealed.

However, the negotiations did not stop there and after being convinced by his potential players to have further talks with the organizations, rOtK was promised to hear back from 4AM in two days’ time.

During the two days, the Sylar/Eurus controversial announcement took place and the organization used the whole situation as an explanation for which they won’t sign with him.

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“Two days later, they told me it was not going to work, because if they signed Sylar, they would have enough budget, but since Sylar was gone, there would be no budget,” rOtK was told.

After the whole Elephant.4AM roster signing drama ended, rOtK went to a dinner with Vici Gaming’s co-owner, Chen Qing, where he was told that he will always be welcomed at VG if he wants to come back. Breaking in tears, rOtK explained that in his 6 years under the Vici Gaming banner, he and the players have always been treated well by the management and that Chen Qing assured him that VG “will always be his home.”