Riyadh Masters 2024 Organizers Announce Invited Teams

Eight teams have received direct invitations to compete in the upcoming Riyadh Masters 2024 tournament, which will take place following the conclusion of DreamLeague Season 23. Riyadh Masters 2024 represents the third edition of the Riyadh Masters series and serves as the grand finale of the ESL Pro Tour calendar. The event will be held in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh and will feature a sizable $5,000,000 prize pool, positioning it as a mini version of the prestigious The International tournament. This year’s Riyadh Masters will bring together some of the top Dota 2 teams from around the world, all vying for a share of the substantial prize money and the prestige of winning this high-profile tournament. The organizers have carefully selected the eight invited teams based on their performances and accomplishments over the course of the ESL Pro Tour season.

Teams can secure direct invitations to the Riyadh Masters 2024 by accumulating a sufficient number of EPT (ESL Pro Tour) points, which can be earned by participating in and performing well at DreamLeague and other ESL-affiliated events throughout the year. This points-based system ensures that the invited teams have demonstrated their skill and consistency over an extended period, making them worthy contenders for the Riyadh Masters title. The Riyadh Masters has quickly established itself as one of the premier Dota 2 tournaments on the global esports calendar, attracting top-tier teams and players eager to showcase their talents on the international stage. With its generous prize pool and the prestige associated with the event, the Riyadh Masters 2024 is sure to be a highly anticipated and hotly contested competition that will captivate Dota 2 fans worldwide.

There were five events this season of the ESL Pro Tour:

  • DreamLeague Season 21 (Winner: Team Spirit)
  • ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 (Winner: Azure Ray)
  • DreamLeague Season 22 (Winner: Team Falcons)
  • ESL One Birmingham 2024 (Winner: Team Falcons)
  • DreamLeague Season 23 (Winner: Team Falcons)

Top 8 EPT Teams

  1. Team Falcons – 18,280 EPT points
  2. BetBoom Team – 16,300 EPT points
  3. Gaimin Gladiators – 10,960 EPT points
  4. Xtreme Gaming – 10,400 EPT points
  5. Tundra Esports – 6,515 EPT points
  6. Team Liquid – 6,038 EPT points
  7. OG – 5,496 EPT points
  8. Team Spirit – 5,200 EPT points

The Riyadh Masters 2024 tournament is poised to be a highly anticipated event in the Dota 2 esports calendar, drawing in some of the top teams from around the world. The direct invitations to the tournament have been extended to eight squads, each of which has demonstrated their prowess and consistency throughout the ESL Pro Tour season. One of the standout teams that has secured a place at the Riyadh Masters is the Falcons. This squad has been nothing short of dominant since the beginning of the year, cementing their place as one of the frontrunners for the tournament title. Their impressive performance has earned them a substantial number of EPT points, ensuring their direct invitation to the prestigious event. On the flip side, the BetBoom Team presents a stark contrast to the Falcons’ success. Despite not winning a single event, the BetBoom Team has managed to accumulate a staggering 16,000 EPT points through their consistent, albeit non-triumphant, showings across the tournament circuit. This resilience and ability to grind out points have earned them a well-deserved spot in the Riyadh Masters 2024.

The qualification process for the Riyadh Masters has been a fascinating journey, with several teams vying for the remaining two slots. Prior to DreamLeague Season 23, the top six teams had already secured their places, leaving the final two spots up for grabs. Azure Ray, Heroic, and Aurora were the teams in contention, but they faced a significant challenge in the form of OG and Team Spirit, who were leading the EPT point standings. Ultimately, none of the three teams were able to make a deep enough run in DreamLeague Season 23 to claim the remaining slots. As a result, OG and Team Spirit, despite not participating in the latest DreamLeague season, were able to secure the final two invitations to the Riyadh Masters 2024.

Azure Ray’s triumph at the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 event was a notable highlight, but it was not enough to propel them into the top-eight finish required for a direct invitation. The team struggled with a series of disappointing performances across the various tournaments, aside from their previous victory. The eight invited teams will now have the privilege of being placed directly into the group stage of the Riyadh Masters 2024. This means they will not have to navigate the Qualifying stage, which the remaining 12 participants, who will qualify through the regional qualifiers, will have to compete in. The Riyadh Masters tournament has quickly established itself as a premier event in the Dota 2 esports landscape. Last year, the tournament surpassed the prize pool of The International 12, boasting a staggering $15,000,000 in total prize money. While the prize pool for this year’s edition has been reduced to $5,000,000, it still represents a significant amount for the competitive scene. The Riyadh Masters 2024 will be a LAN-based tournament, taking place in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh. The event will feature a total of 20 participants and will run from July 4th to July 21st. The champion of this prestigious tournament will walk away with a remarkable $1,500,000 prize, further solidifying the Riyadh Masters as a must-watch event for Dota 2 enthusiasts. As the anticipation builds, the Riyadh Masters 2024 promises to be a thrilling showcase of the best Dota 2 talent from around the world. The direct invitations have been extended to teams that have demonstrated their prowess and consistency throughout the ESL Pro Tour season, setting the stage for an electrifying and highly competitive tournament.

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