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EHOME calls out Elephant for not fulfilling payment agreements for Sylar

Just when everyone thought that the Elephant - 4AM drama is over with Zhang "Eurus" Chengjun’s transfer fee being paid in

rOtK announces a short break in an emotional streaming session

Bai "rOtK" Fan, one of the most respected coaches from the Chinese scene, broke down in tears last night during

Sylar asks the fans to stop bashing at his former 4AM teammates

The Elephant.4AM-Eurus-Sylar roster announcement drama has finally come to an end, but the fans in China are not ready to

Sylar’s stint with Elephant.4AM ended after one day

Elephant.4AM made a weird and controversial entry onto the Dota 2 field. After keeping the headlines for weeks, given their

Sylar is the final 4AM puzzle piece, full roster announced

The wait is over, the next China dream team, 4 AM.Elephant has been finally officially announced after a couple of

EHOME are leading the charts after first week of DPL - CDA Professional League

Sylar’s Terrorblade and Troll Warlord brought three consecutive victories for EHOME in the first week of the $70,000 DPL - CDA

Sylar accuses BurNIng of breaking contractual terms

The Chinese professional scene is, unfortunately, going through a new drama related to contractual terms and broken promises. In this

Sylar returns to EHOME to complete their roster

After vtFaded departed from EHOME, the team confirmed yesterday that NothingToSay would be joining the squad. Now, there is another

Sylar interview: “As long as there’s a team that suits me, I’ll definitely return”

The Chinese outlet Max+ had the chance to sit down and talk with Liu ”Sylar” Jiajun, who is currently without a

Team Sirius return with a new lineup

With the first Minor and Major qualifiers of the new Dota 2 Pro Circuit season quickly approaching, many teams have begun

Freeze out - Sylar returns to carry

photo by StarLadder Team Sirius have seen a host of changes to their roster before they had even played their first

A Team Sirius roster change before entering any event

photo by ESL One On April 16th 2019 the Team Aster organization announced a new team that would be playing under