ESB announces three Dota 2 tournaments with a total budget of $2 million

ESB announces 3 major Dota 2 tournaments: Tournament organizer ESB has announced planned tournaments with a total budget of $2 million for 2024. This announcement aroused great interest among players and fans, which marked a new stage in the development of the Dota community.

Plans for Dota 2 tournaments have been officially announced by ESB, which will be a significant event for both players and fans.

ESB announces three Dota 2 tournaments

ESB has announced three Dota 2 tournaments. Each of these tournaments will have a total budget of two million US dollars and are scheduled for 2024. ESB, known for its active role in Dota Pro Circuit broadcasts, announced the creation of its own league. Moves like these make them stand out on the global eSports scene.

The reaction to the announcement of the tournaments was positive. ESB is committed to growth and development by appreciating viewer support and planning new tournament formats. Tournaments will be held in various formats, with different prize pools, which makes them even more exciting for participants and spectators.

ESB tournaments are expected to have a significant impact on the professional Dota 2 scene, bringing attention to South American teams and providing new opportunities for players and spectators.

Three large-scale tournaments from ESB in 2024

The ESB has planned three tournaments in 2024 with different dates and prize pools:

  • The first tournament is scheduled for April 3-14, with a prize fund of $500,000.
  • The second tournament will take place from July 24 to August 4, with the same prize fund of $500 thousand.
  • The third tournament is scheduled for the period from November 27 to December 6, and here the prize pool will increase to one million dollars.

The ESB plans to reveal more details of its plans for 2024 soon. There has been a lot of positive reaction to this news in the community given the impressive prize pool. The ESB is a very ambitious organization committed to delivering a superior fan experience.

This move also represents a significant development for the professional Dota 2 scene in South America, opening up new opportunities for its development and bringing attention to the region.

Many Dota 2 tournaments planned for 2024

In addition to established tournament operator ESL, which has been successfully organizing Dota 2 competitions for many years, there are new entrants into the esports scene looking to carve out a place in the field following the cancellation of the DPC. BetBoom recently announced two planned events with a prize pool of $1 million each. These events are planned for February and October next year.

Overall, this is great news for the Dota 2 scene. Many expected the next year to be challenging, but the emergence of other organizations taking on the challenge means fans can expect plenty of exciting developments.

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