Best League of Legends champions in Patch 13.14

Thanks to Riot Games, League of Legends is constantly evolving and remains one of the most popular games in the world nowadays. The patches are released almost every two weeks and undoubtedly always bring something new and fresh.

However with so many champions in League’s roster, there are always some that are just stronger in the meta than others. Despite the fact that players can be successful in every role using unusual picks in season 13, there are also some standard champions for each position that do exceptionally well. After monitoring the meta closely, we have listed the 10 best League champions for you below.


In Patch 13.14, Aatrox got some minor nerfs to his Q that brought him back to the meta. After these changes, the Darkin Blade has enough power to skirmish well during the laning phase, while also having a lot of teamfight and split push potential. In addition, despite he’s a top laner, he can sometimes be picked in the mid lane, becoming a true pocket pick as we speak.


This champion is the best option for those looking for the one who’s not played too often and could surprise enemies. Most strong junglers in the game rely on having lots of CC and being able to get tanky so they can navigate teamfights around neutral objectives. But Fiddlesticks doesn’t. The champion is perfect for flanking, dealing tons of damage, and splitting the enemy team thanks to a surprise element coming from his ultimate, so your squad can clear the rest and make deals.


If you’re looking for a more standard jungler, Rek’Sai is your pick. With her huge early-game damage and great mobility, Rek’Sai becomes a major threat from the beginning of each match. Moreover, she’s ideal at taking damage and ensuring the control of neutral objectives, while also being able to pull off a successful gank or two.


Xerath was taken under the scope in Patch 13.14, with buffs to his passive and ultimate. After these changes, Xerath has become extremely strong in the early game. Furthermore, his ability to excel and take over the match once he gets to snowball early has been increased. If you’re a mid lane player, try to secure some kills early with this jungler and dominate the rest of the game.


In our opinion, Maokai is the most versatile pick in the meta since he’s strong in the top lane, jungle, and support roles. Either way, his build and objectives are alike in each of these positions. Focus on completing tanky items and shutting down enemy carries with your gap closer and crowd control tools. After crossing the 20-minute mark, Maokai becomes a solid front line capable of taking anyone who gets in his way.


Ashe received some buffs in Patch 13.12 and has since been reigning supreme in the bot lane. She’s the definition of an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master champion. It will be quite easy to navigate her in teamfights and in the laning phase for newbies, but experienced players should be able to find picks that can win the game for your team. Ultimately, with her high damage and imposing CC tools, she’s one of the best AD carries in the game.


Another powerful AD carry in Patch 13.14 is Kai’Sa, but players need to learn how to position themselves in fights to survive. Once they can do this, it shouldn’t be tough to utilize her strong mobility and damage in a way that will win you most of your skirmishes. Just you have to be careful in the early stages of the match since that’s when she’s the most vulnerable. 


In spite of being reworked in Patch 13.11, it seems like Rell has been a pain in the neck for the developers, who have updated her in every update since. Nevertheless, Rell remains one of, if not the most powerful supports in the meta. Her kit allows her to control the laning phase while also being a leading champion in late-game teamfights. If used correctly, the Iron Maiden can make a huge difference and will definitely secure you some wins.


Changes to four of Zyra’s abilities allowed her to come back to the meta in stunning fashion. As Zyra, your goal is to annoy the enemy bot lane as much as you can in the earlier stages of the game so that your AD carry is free to  accelerate their growth. In the late game, you don’t exactly lead the charge, but your plants’ damage and ultimate usage are crucial in ensuring victory. If you land these well, you can turn the tide of any teamfight.


Last but not least we have Malphite, a reliable pick who’s strong in both the top and mid lane in Patch 13.14. He has plenty of tools that are always useful in all-out skirmishes, including a massive knock-up ultimate, a slow from his Q, and quite big damage for a tank. On top of that, Malphite can come in handy even if you’re behind – all you have to do is to place your ultimate right.