How to get LoL’s exclusive Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin skin

Riot has recently revealed the newest set of skins consisting of the Cosmic, Dark Cosmic, and Dark Star skin lines. Once again the Cosmic skin line has returned to Summoner’s Rift, this time featuring some of the less popular champions like Nautilus, Bel’Veth, Nunu and Willump, and Sion. 

Among the fantastic skins such as Cosmic Lux, Cosmic Hunter Varus, Cosmic Charger Hecarim, etc that were produced several years ago, Dark Cosmic Jhin still remains the most popular one. The skin was released in June 2015 and just now has received a new chroma called Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin

The new chroma comes with a Red & Silver color scheme, a change from the base skin’s Purple & Golden palette. Comparing the base skin to the chroma, there aren’t any significant differences. However, a noteworthy aspect is that the mythic chroma for Dark Cosmic Jhin will be the first chroma to get its own splash art and icon. 

With Jhin’s exclusive Dark Cosmic Erasure skin, you need to break open your bank accounts by a significant amount with the game’s new capsule system. This new system is the only way any AD carry mains will be able to acquire this unique variant, which features the classic Dark Cosmic Jhin skin in an ominous red colorway.

Here’s how to obtain Jhin’s new Dark Cosmic Erasure skin.

How to unlock Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin 

To unlock Jhin’s Dark Cosmic Erasure skin, players must tread through the game’s milestone system. This means players must purchase Cosmic 2023 Capsules during Patch 13.17 and 13.18 for 750 RP, for a chance to grab the skin. There is, however, only 1% chance you’ll find the Jhin skin in these capsules.

Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin will be available as the 30th capsule milestone reward on the track, though, which means if you’re looking for a guaranteed way to get the skin, you’ll have to spend 22,500 RP on these capsules.

If you are not ready to spend so much RP for this skin, you can wait until Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin hits the open reroll pool so you can exchange skin shards in your loot tab for a chance to reroll it in your inventory. However, the skin will only join the reroll pool next year.