2023 LCS Summer Split awards: All-Pro, MVP, MIP, and more

Every Split Riot Games celebrates the best that LCS has to offer with awards. Players and coaches who demonstrated exemplary performance throughout the Split are honored. The LCS is all about seeing League of Legends played at its highest level, so this is the way Riot Games recognize excellent teamwork, mechanics, and overall game mastery.   

After yet another exciting season in the LCS, the league has handed out awards for some of the best League of Legends players and teams the region has to offer. 

The league’s top performers, best coaching staff, the rookie of the year, the most improved player, and the most valuable player will be recognized by the community with a prestigious award only given to the best of the best in North America.

Here are the LCS Awards!

All 2023 LCS Summer Split awardees

First LCS All-Pro Team

  • Top – GG Licorice (70 Points)
  • Jungle – C9 Blaber (93 Points)
  • Mid – EG jojopyun (106 Points)
  • Bot – C9 Berserker (97 Points)
  • Support – GG huhi (98 Points)

Second LCS All-Pro Team

  • Top – TL Summit (61 Points)
  • Jungle – GG River (85 Points)
  • Mid – GG Gori (70 Points)
  • Bot – GG Stixxay (67 Points)
  • Support – C9 Zven (66 Points)

Third LCS All-Pro Team

  • Top – C9 Fudge (48 Points)
  • Jungle – TL Pyosik (33 Points)
  • Mid – C9 EMENES (24 Points)
  • Bot – EG UNF0RGIVEN (39 Points)
  • Support – TL CoreJJ (47 Points)

2023 Summer Coaching Staff of the Split

  • First place – Golden Guardians (55 Points)
  • Second place – Cloud9 (48 Points)
  • Third place – Evil Geniuses (31 Points)

2023 Rookie of the Year

  • First place – TL Yeon (87 Points)
  • Second place – 100 Busio (50 Points)
  • (TIED) Second place – TL APA (50 Points)

Most Improved Player

  • Revealed on Wednesday, Aug. 9

Most Valuable Player

  • Revealed on Finals Weekend

Stay tuned to learn about more award winners who will be announced soon!