3 Strong Early Game Heroes in MLBB

How significant are powerful heroes during the early stages of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Experienced and professional MLBB players frequently highlight the importance of the early game as a determining factor for the match’s outcome. Gaining an advantage in this phase grants players the ability to control the game’s pace within the initial five minutes, enabling them to snowball and establish a considerable lead over their opponents as the game unfolds. To thrive in the early game, it is essential to choose heroes who possess strength even without their core items.

Pick these three early game heroes if you want to dominate the games


Natalia truly shines as a roamer, thanks to her exceptional passive ability called Assassin Instinct, which grants her the power of invisibility. This remarkable trait makes it incredibly difficult for the enemy team to detect her presence, giving Natalia a significant edge on the battlefield.

This advantage becomes particularly valuable when facing vulnerable junglers or immobile gold laners. Natalia’s stealth allows her to swiftly and discreetly eliminate her targets, leaving the enemy team scrambling to react. By the time they realize what’s happening, Natalia is already long gone, evading counter-attacks and thwarting attempts to protect their carries. Her ability to strike swiftly and vanish without a trace is a testament to her prowess as an assassin.

Adding to her survivability, Natalia’s second skill, Smoke Bomb, further enhances her capabilities. This skill envelops her in a cloud of smoke, rendering her immune to basic attacks for an impressive duration of four seconds. This valuable defensive mechanism provides her with an invaluable window of opportunity to maneuver, escape, or continue her calculated assault.

For players who relish an aggressive and stealth-centric playstyle, with a focus on infiltrating the enemy jungle and silently eliminating high-priority threats in the backline, Natalia is an optimal choice. Her kit is tailor-made to support a playstyle that demands precision, careful timing, and calculated strikes. In the hands of a skilled player, Natalia becomes an elusive and deadly force to be reckoned with.


Bruno is widely recognized as one of the most formidable heroes during the early game in Mobile Legends.

His Mecha Legs passive is a standout feature, providing a significant 20% critical chance. This unique ability allows Bruno to dish out substantial damage even without relying on critical chance items during the laning phase. It gives him an edge when engaging with opponents, as his attacks have a higher chance of landing critical hits. This can catch opponents off guard and quickly turn the tide of battles.

In addition to his passive, Bruno’s first skill, Valley Shot, further enhances his early game strength. This skill not only boosts the damage of his basic attacks but also possesses the potential to swiftly dispatch squishy enemy heroes. When utilized effectively, Bruno can unleash a barrage of attacks that can decimate the health bars of unsuspecting opponents.

Overall, Bruno’s combination of the Mecha Legs passive and Valley Shot skill make him a force to be reckoned with in the early game. His ability to deal significant damage and take down enemy heroes sets the tone for the match, allowing his team to gain an early advantage and maintain control as the game progresses.


Hilda truly shines as a roaming hero, showcasing exceptional effectiveness especially when facing off against jungle assassins. Her greatest asset lies in the Blessing of the Wilderness, a passive ability that sets her apart. This unique trait not only provides Hilda with healing capabilities but also grants her a shield whenever she finds herself in a bush. Such a remarkable feature empowers her to effortlessly infiltrate the enemy jungle, causing disruption in the rotations of opposing assassin junglers. It gives her an edge in sustainability and survivability during skirmishes, making her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Adding to her prowess, Hilda’s second skill, Art of Hunting, packs a punch even at its base level. The amount of damage she can dish out with this skill is truly substantial. It amplifies her offensive capabilities and positions her as a major threat to her opponents right from the early stages of the game. With proper coordination and support from her team, she can swiftly secure the coveted first blood, providing a significant advantage in the early game.

What sets Hilda apart is not only her offensive potential but also her innate tankiness. Even before reaching level four, she possesses a remarkable ability to absorb damage while inflicting potent strikes upon her foes. This combination of offensive and defensive capabilities establishes her as one of the most formidable offensive roamers in the game.

In summary, Hilda’s roaming capabilities, coupled with her healing, shielding, and high damage output, make her an exceptional choice when facing jungle assassins. Her presence on the battlefield can greatly disrupt the opposing team’s plans and pave the way for victory for her own team.

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