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  • Fata joins forces with Nikobaby, Limmp, 33 and Handsken to form a new team

    We are in the thick of the post TI9 transfer shuffle now. The latest roster to be announced is Adrian

    Thorin on why Valve doesn't get involved: CS:GO "doesn't have a direct competitor."

    By Taras Bortnik Special to VPEsports This is part three of a three part interview with Duncan “Thorin” Shields. You can read

    shroud no match for CoD pros at Modern Warfare Pro-Am

    Even the "human aimbot" himself has to give credit where it's due. Michael "shroud" Grzesiek recently participated in the Call

    Kroenke Sports & Entertainment splits with Sentinels, takes control of its esports operations

    Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, also known as the Kroenke Group or KSE, will take over operations of its esports franchises:

    Kaka joins Invictus Gaming

    Invictus Gaming are entering the new competitive season with revamped rosters for both of their squads, iG and iG.Vitality. On the

    LoL celebrates 10 years anniversary with special stream event

    League of Legends will celebrate its 10-year anniversary on October 15 — right in the middle of the 2019 League of

    Kuku and Raven reunite under the Geek Fam banner

    After Carlo ‘Kuku’ Palad was confirmed to have left TNC Predator, there have been multiple rumours about where the brilliant Southeast

    Valve takes a huge step towards preventing smurfing and boosting accounts in Dota 2

    A new Ranked season was announced on September 17 by the Dota 2 developer and with the matchmaking rating (MMR)

    Team Sirius return with a new lineup

    With the first Minor and Major qualifiers of the new Dota 2 Pro Circuit season quickly approaching, many teams have begun

    NRG will travel to IEM Beijing, join Astralis, Liquid, and Vitality

    The team list for IEM Beijing just got even more impressive. NRG joins a lineup of squads including Liquid, Astralis,

    G2 recruits kioShiMa as stand-in

    G2 has revealed a temporary replacement for Richard "shox" Papillon in the form of Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey. kioShiMa will be standing

    TNC Predator are the second team to be invited to ESL One Hamburg

    TNC Predator will be traveling to Hamburg in October with their new Dota 2 roster to compete in ESL One