Who made it to the playoffs of PGL Copenhagen Major 2024

The two-stage marathon of the PGL Major has finally come to an end. The elimination stage has reached its conclusion, and we have learned the final names of those who have advanced to the playoffs and those who will only be watching the tournament from the spectator stands. We now have only eight teams remaining, so let’s take a look at them.

The top eight teams at PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 are as follows:

  1. FaZe Clan (1st place in the world according to HLTV)
  2. Team Spirit (2nd in the world according to HLTV)
  3. Team Vitality (3rd in the world according to HLTV)
  4. MOUZ (4th place in the world according to HLTV)
  5. G2 Esports (5th in the world according to HLTV)
  6. Natus Vincere (6th place in the world according to HLTV)
  7. Cloud9 (9th in the world according to HLTV)
  8. Eternal Fire (13th in the world according to HLTV)

The only team missing from the top ten is Virtus.pro, who lost an insane series against G2 yesterday. On the other hand, Eternal Fire is the lowest-rated team among all the playoff participants and doesn’t even make it into the top ten. They will be the most underestimated participant in the main stage of the Major.

Playoff bracket

The PGL tournament organizers have already identified the pairings for the first round of the playoffs.

Cloud9 vs Team Vitality

These two teams have a history of intense rivalries, dating back to the PGL Copenhagen RMR B qualifiers. Cloud9 and Team Vitality clashed in the group stage, where Cloud9 emerged victorious with a 2-0 scoreline, securing their qualification for the Major ahead of Vitality. Team Vitality, known for their strong presence in the Counter-Strike scene, has yet to exhibit their trademark stellar gameplay in recent matches. The team’s leader, apEX, has acknowledged the challenges they’ve faced. Their star player, ZywOo, has been battling illness throughout this stage, which has undoubtedly impacted their overall performance. However, with the Major approaching, Vitality will be eager to regain their form and make a statement.

Cloud9, on the other hand, enters this matchup with a fighting chance. Although their journey to this stage has been successful, their overall team performance has shown room for improvement. The absence of a dedicated main AWPer in the Cloud9 lineup could pose a challenge, especially when facing a formidable opponent like Vitality, whose sniper prowess is spearheaded by the exceptional ZywOo. The upcoming clash between these teams holds significant importance, as it will determine their trajectory in the tournament. Cloud9 will look to capitalize on their previous victory over Vitality and build on their momentum. However, Vitality, fueled by the determination to overcome their recent struggles, will aim to prove their resilience and showcase their true potential on the grand stage. Fans and spectators can anticipate a fiercely contested battle between Cloud9 and Team Vitality, as both teams vie for glory and seek to make their mark in the highly competitive landscape of Counter-Strike. The outcome of this matchup will undoubtedly shape the narrative of their journey in the Major and leave a lasting impression on the esports community.

Team Spirit vs FaZe Clan

The clash between the first and second-ranked teams in the world was anticipated to be a monumental showdown, reserved for the later stages of the Major. However, fate had a different plan, and fans will witness the rematch of the IEM Katowice final in the very first round of the playoffs. Team Spirit enters this matchup with a distinct advantage over FaZe, thanks to the impactful addition of donk to their roster. The Russian squad has been showing exceptional form and cohesion, making them a formidable force to reckon with. Their recent performances have instilled confidence in their abilities, and they appear to be the stronger and more preferred team heading into this crucial encounter. On the other hand, FaZe Clan’s journey to this point has been a rocky one. They barely scraped through the Elimination stage, raising concerns about their current form and overall performance. The team’s recent struggles have left fans and analysts perplexed, as they have failed to replicate the level of dominance they once exhibited.

The outcome of this match holds tremendous significance, as it will not only shape the playoff bracket but also set the tone for the remainder of the tournament. Team Spirit’s rise and FaZe Clan’s inconsistencies have added an extra layer of intrigue to this highly anticipated clash. The players and fans alike are eagerly awaiting this showdown between two powerhouse teams. The narrative of this match extends beyond individual skill, as it reflects the resilience, adaptability, and mental fortitude of both squads. It is a testament to the unpredictable nature of competitive esports and the relentless pursuit of greatness. As the first round of the playoffs approaches, all eyes will be on Team Spirit and FaZe Clan. The clash of these titans will undoubtedly captivate audiences, as they witness the collision of talent, strategy, and determination. The outcome of this battle will shape the tournament’s narrative and leave a lasting impact on the Counter-Strike community.

Eternal Fire vs Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere, on paper, appears to have been handed the most favorable matchup among the remaining teams in the tournament. However, as seasoned esports enthusiasts know, things don’t always go according to plan in the world of competitive gaming. Despite finishing their stage with a respectable 3-2 record, Natus Vincere faced setbacks against Team Spirit and Cloud9, two formidable opponents who have proven their mettle against Na’Vi in previous tournaments. These losses have raised questions about Na’Vi’s ability to consistently perform at the highest level and overcome their toughest adversaries. On the other side of the coin, we have Eternal Fire, a team that has yet to make it to the playoffs of a Major. While their lack of experience on the big stage might be seen as a disadvantage, it also means that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The underdog status can often serve as a powerful motivator, driving teams to exceed expectations and deliver stunning upsets. Na’Vi’s lineup boasts an impressive array of talent and experience, with star players who have proven their capabilities time and again.

They carry the weight of expectations on their shoulders, as fans and analysts see them as the clear favorites in this matchup. However, they cannot afford to underestimate Eternal Fire, as the Turkish team has shown glimpses of their potential and the ability to rise to the occasion. The outcome of this series will be a test of Na’Vi’s resilience and ability to perform under pressure. They are expected to emerge victorious based on their tournament experience and individual skill, but they must remain vigilant and maintain a high level of focus to avoid any surprises. Eternal Fire, driven by their hunger to make a name for themselves, will be eager to prove their worth and challenge the established order. As the stage is set for this clash, fans and spectators can expect intense moments of gameplay, strategic maneuvers, and adrenaline-pumping action. The matchup between Natus Vincere and Eternal Fire is a testament to the unpredictable nature of esports, where underdogs can rise to the occasion and established powerhouses can be dethroned. Only time will tell how this series unfolds and whether Na’Vi can live up to their billing as the favorites. It is a battle that embodies the essence of competition, showcasing the trials and triumphs that both teams will experience on their journey through the Major.

MOUZ vs G2 Esports

The young MOUZ roster made a resounding statement during the Elimination stage of the tournament, sweeping aside all their opponents with a flawless 3-0 record. In contrast, G2 faced similar struggles to FaZe Clan. They had a nerve-wracking BO3 series against Virtus Pro, teetering on the edge of elimination multiple times. However, fate smiled upon them, and Monesy finally got the opportunity to play in his first Major playoffs. Turning our attention to the upcoming match, if both teams continue to perform at the level they have displayed thus far, MOUZ should have the upper hand in this series. Their dominant form and impeccable execution make them the favorites. However, G2 will have a few days to regroup, prepare, and potentially make adjustments to their gameplay. These additional days offer G2 a valuable opportunity to study their opponents, identify weaknesses, and devise strategies to counter MOUZ’s strengths. It’s a chance for them to reset and approach the series with renewed focus and determination. The break could prove crucial in leveling the playing field and introducing new elements to the matchup.

As the countdown to the match begins, fans and analysts eagerly await the clash between MOUZ and G2. Both teams have their own set of challenges and aspirations. MOUZ will strive to maintain their winning streak and capitalize on their momentum, while G2 aims to bounce back from their recent struggles and prove their resilience on the big stage. In the dynamic world of esports, anything can happen. Unexpected strategies, individual brilliance, and team synergy can shift the tides of a series. The outcome will depend on how both teams adapt, strategize, and execute their game plans. Ultimately, it’s a test of skill, composure, and mental fortitude. The stage is set for an exhilarating showdown, where MOUZ and G2 will leave no stone unturned in their quest for victory. Only time will tell which team will emerge triumphant and advance further in the Major.

The playoffs of the first CS2 major will take place from March 28 to 31.

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