The most expensive skins in CS:GO

The most expensive CS:GO skins are either very rare, in high demand, or high-priced. Since CS:GO is played by a record number of gamers all the time, huge amounts being spent for these skins in the game is not uncommon. Today we’re going to take a look at the collection and figure out which of the CS:GO skin is the most expensive. 

However, we can determine how often each skin is used among the players, as CS:GO skins are traded between them easily. When new CS 2 is released, the price of many of these skins may rise even higher. 

What affects CS:GO skin value

The most evident factor which affects a skin value is its rarity. The rarer a skin is, the more difficult it is to obtain, and the more people will pay for it. The next is deterioration – some skins are wear resistant at the battles that affect the value on the market. The other is the gun itself that the skin is made for. And the last factor is the StatTrak feature we will tell later. 

Rarity is set by tiers, assigned on every skin basis across eight tiers. From most common to least:

  • Consumer (White)
  • Industrial (Turquoise)
  • Mil-Spec (Blue)
  • Restricted (Purple)
  • Classified (Pink)
  • Covert (Red)
  • Contraband (Orange)
  • Extraordinary (Gold)

To see the wear of a skin, CS:GO appropriates a value between 0.00 to 1.00 to every skin, where 0.00 is a perfect version. Skin wear has one of five values, from best to worst:

  • Factory New (0.00 – 0.07)
  • Minimal Wear (0.08 – 0.15)
  • Field-Tested (0.16 – 0.38)
  • Well Worn (0.39 – 0.45)
  • Battle-Scarred (0.46 – 1.00)

Most probably that the better the condition, the more valuable (and rare) the skin. This is because the player can clearly see the amount of the skin, so the skin’s wear is essential to it. Some gamers prefer the cheaper but more battle-hardened look for their game. Though, the most expensive CS:GO skin is definitely to be Factory New.  

Certainly, besides the skin wear, the gun itself is a significant factor in price. The best guns in CS:GO get the most expensive skins. An AWP skin with the same rarity as a MAG-7 skin will always be more expensive.

The ultimate factor is whether a skin is considered a StatTrak skin, which tracks players’ kills with the special weapon. Not every weapon has a StatTrak option, therefore the ones that have are worth considerably more than their non-StatTrak variations.

Most expensive CS:GO skins ever sold (2023)

The list below is the final list of the most expensive CS:GO skins ever sold in 2023. Of course, it will transform over time, as the rarest skins usually increase in price. Watch out for the CS:GO news not to miss when these expensive skins go on sale.


The AWP Gungnir is one of the most high-priced AWP skins on the market. It was released in 2019 as a part of the Norse collection. This skin represents Odin’s spear running along the body of the weapon. Although the AWP Gungnir doesn’t have a StatTrak option, a factory-new version price is around $8,800.


Knives are also a huge part of the market, and the Karambit Doppler is no exception. A factory-new StatTrak Karambit Doppler (Sapphire) will cost upwards of $9000. In addition, you will even receive a new set of animations.


The Fire Serpent was released in 2013 alongside Operation Bravo. Nowadays, the skin is still one of the rarest available in the game. A StatTrak Factory New version of the Fire Serpent will set you back almost $10,000. As one of the oldest skins in CS:GO, expect the AK-47 Fire Serpent to rise in price in the near future. 


Knives are all-around some of the most expensive CS:GO skins. The Crimson Web knives which were released in 2014 count for around $12,500. 

6. M4A4 HOWL

The M4A4 Howl is one of the oldest and famous skins amongst collectors, as it was only available for a short period of time when it was released in 2014. Valve changed the rarity of the skin from Covert to Contraband, the only skin with that tag in the entire game. In 2023, a StatTrak Factory New M4A4 Howl is sold for around $13,750. 


When Sport Gloves were released in 2016 alongside the Glove Case, none of the players could never imagine that the Pandora’s Box would become one of the most expensive CS:GO skins ever sold, with the Vice released two years later reaching similar positions. The rarity of these skins has risen the prices to crazy levels, with the Sport Gloves (Vice) selling for almost $20,000 factory new, and the Pandora’s Box variant is $32,850.


Yes, a virtual sticker is in fourth place on the list, with the shocking price of $55,990 in the current market.

3. AK-47 CASE HARDENED (661)

The AK-47 Case Hardened isn’t the rarest CS:GO skin, however the pattern 661 variant is the exception. You will have to shell out an enormous $400,000 to use it on the server.


The odds of getting this skin are about 1-in-250k. Nevertheless, the AWP Souvenir Dragon Lore is the most expensive gun skin, with the AWP being the most popular weapon in the game. A Souvenir Factory New edition of the AWP Dragon Lore will cost a mind-blowing $425,000.


The Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem) is the legend. Certainly the most expensive CS:GO skin in history, the Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem) is literally one of a kind. Every Case Hardened Karambit knife has a unique pattern, with a different level of rarity in the community. The owner said he got a $1.4m offer for the skin, but rejected to sell it. If they ever decide to sell, the Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem) would become the most expensive CS:GO skin ever sold.